What if You Don’t Want An Exercise Lifestyle?

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In the last post I proposed the idea of thinking about a diet as something that’s just simply food and not some sort of all encompassing lifestyle.Now let’s play the same game with exercise.

While I certainly don’t have any kind of dietary lifestyle there is no doubt that I have an exercise lifestyle. All day long I think about exercise, dream about exercise and sometimes, yes even fantasize about exercise.

I’m kinda strange like that.

But that’s my life. I’m a personal trainer who publishes fitness info on-line and works for a fitness equipment retailer. Most days of the week I am involved in some sort of exercise work for 12-16 hours a day. Every minute from when I get up to hit the sack I live in a world of exercise.

But what about those who don’t? What if you’re a single mother of 2 who works for a furniture company? Do you need to make exercise the focus of your life to see results?

I really don’t think so.

I know some pretty fit people at the gym I train at. For many of them they don’t have an exercise lifestyle. They do many other non-exercise related things all day long. When they hit the gym they exercise, but once they leave that’s it. They go back to a non-exercise focused life.

The beauty of  exercise is that it doesn’t need to be a lifestyle, and it may be even easier to keep it from becoming one than with a diet. Mainly because with a diet you have to make some sort of food choices multiple times a day. With exercise you generally only need to make a choice once a day, and that’s if you workout every day. If you only workout 3-4 times a week it’s even less than that!

Who knows what my future may bring. I very well may end up selling sports cars in Alaska for all I know. I know exercise will always be part of my life, but it may not always be my lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be for me to stay in shape. It can be just one single part of my life in unto itself and that’s fine. Exercise doesn’t need to be everything for my efforts to produce anything.

Just like a diet based lifestyle, there is nothing wrong with living that life if you really want to. The issue is believing that it must become your life to gain benefit. Nothing could be further from the truth. It can be as simple as show up, exercise, and leave. That’s it.

No need for it to be anything more.

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  1. Laurie Mackeson


    To me ‘Lifestyle’ = A group of choices you make which lead you down a particular path.

    The ‘old me’ (B.F.R = Before Fit Rebel) enjoyed exercise and always tried to meet some sort of ‘performance goal’ BUT did not think about diet. As a young boy/man, I did what I did because I made the time and liked to do it. However, slowly but surely, my weight increased, bringing with it negatives – physical, mental and social. This is when the belief about the ‘Exercise Lifestyle’ was ‘in my head’. I felt I needed to do the things I liked.

    The reason why things kept going downhill was because I didn’t understand/recognise that I was putting more food into my body than I needed. I was getting heavier and heavier but

    It is amazing how much more of my goals have been achieved by addressing the energy in aspect of my lifestyle than I EVER realised. In some way ‘how’ I eat/exericse is a Lifestyle (group of choices) but I am happier with the choices I am making now than at any time in the past 10years.

    In addition, this ‘article’ reminds me of the ‘Diet vs Exercise’ podcast which I listen to when I want to remind myself that (generally speaking) if I want to loose weight, consuming less food/drink is more important, while if I want to get better at a physical task, I ‘practise/train’ more at that task.

    In conclusion, how I eat/exercise (and all the other aspects of my life) are determined by my choices. All these choices ‘make’ the Lifestyle I have now. While I don’t specifically have an exercise lifestyle, I do have a standard for my life and exercise makes up a daily/weekly part of that.

    Sorry about the long response. I hope it is on-topic and makes sense. Cheers – Laurie 🙂

    1. Post

      I really like the idea you mentioned Laurie about having a standard of life that you set for yourself. In the end, so much of our success comes from the standards and expectations we set for ourselves.

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