Taming the Diet Beast to Eat What You Want and How Much You Want

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Years ago I did daily battle with what I like to call the diet beast. Its that mythological demon within that has an insatiable appetite for junk food and never grows tired of eating.

I used to turn to diets to control the beast, but now I don’t use any diet tacticts what so ever and the beast is nothing more than a dark memory. Best yet, my weight and health have never been better.

Click here to learn how to tame the diet beast and gain control of food once and for all!

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  1. Kitty

    Excellent podcast! People often allow food to exert tremendous control over them – I’ve been there too – and it certainly can seem like a beast sometimes. When we look beyond the advertising and the ‘quick fix’ mentality and realize that it’s only food, we can release ourselves from its grasp. It’s very liberating and frees us to face the leftover chocolate with a more centered perspective!

    1. Laurie James Mackeson

      Hello Kitty. In addition to your comment, I went to a ‘house warming’ party on the weekend. A generous amount of food was supplied and using the skills ‘healthy eating’ was so enjoyable considering I sat next to a young lady who started feeling guilty once 3 ‘choices’ of desert was presented. Her eyes, like mine, were going back and forth, examining the delicious options. She was obviously worried about the negative connotations of the food. I simple asked her “Does eating more of these foods mean more (quantity of) taste OR more (amount of time) taste. Needless to say, I simply offered to ‘go halves’ in 3 small servings of each option. 🙂

  2. Laurie James Mackeson


    At the moment I am going through some difficult financial times. As with many people, I have a cupboard ‘filled’ with numerous items which have ‘forgotten’ for quite some time. All of them are within the ‘used by/best before’ dates but they will need to be thrown out soon.

    To save $$$ I decided to incorporate these foods into my diet in a healthy way. Previous to this ‘experiment’ my diet was well defined, without being restrictive, so it was always going to be challenging. I have noticed my energy levels a little ‘off’ but this is because certain ‘impact foods’ are not in my diet.

    I look forward to emptying the cupboard, saving what will be around $100 AND learning from this process. Cheers From Down Under!


    1. Post

      It’s always a bit interesting when you make changes to the diet. It’s rare to make any changes and feel great about them right from the get-go. Even the healthiest changes can feel off. I look forward to hearing what you learned from your experience.

      1. Laurie James Mackeson


        Thanks for taking an interest in this project of mine. The things I learned most were;

        1. How to ‘invent’ meals with some consideration for consuming a similar amount of kJ’s during the day. 8000-9000kJ (a day) is the same no matter if I eat 4 or 6 times during the day.

        2. That eating snacks instead of meals can meet my energy needs. Rather than eating 1200-1500kJ each meal, I can go 600-800kJ in a snack instead

        3. To trust (within reason) that the amount of kJ’s that the packaging says. By this I mean 1500kJ of a ‘High Impact’ food is the comparable to 1500kJ of Meat Pie even though I feel less ‘buzzed’ after it (I hope that makes sense)

        4. Eat more when I was hungry. Eat just before/as I got ‘hungry’ with the aim of keeping within a normal consumption rate (Point 1)

        and finally

        5. I am seeing more ‘projects’ when it comes to eating. The other day I had a day of cereal WHILE keeping to the total kJ intake as ‘normal’ AND another day of snacks approx 1000kJ each time (it turned out I ate 8 times). I felt physically and psychologically great at the end of the day.

        I would <3 to hear anyone 'projects' when it comes to eating. After all, it makes eating more FUN.

        Cheers from Down Under

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