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By far, those who are the most successful at healthy eating don’t follow any special diet. If anything those folks shun diets that promise faster weight loss or the ability to live until your 130 years old.

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  1. Laurie James Mackeson


    Totally agree with you idea about ‘liquid calories/kilojoules’. I used to drink a small glass of milk 5-10mins before each meal because it helped me feel full. Now that I have my eating habits more ‘controlled’. I try and have one small glass of water a few minutes before every meal, one during my meal and one after my meal. I find that I enjoy the food more when I drink water with the meal. Of course there are times when drinking is the most important aspect of the moment (when with friends or at a specific event) so I make a choice to consume more liquid calories and eat less calorie loaded foods. When I choose to ‘over consume’ I simply use one of my well developed strategies to ‘earn back’ the excess amount. One final point, I try and have a bottle of water with me so I can sip/drink from it during the day. I find that many of the ‘mid-meal hunger pains’ can be minimised/removed by drinking more water.

    Cheers From ‘Down Under’

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