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  1. Bri

    I don’t mean to make you look bad or such, maybe you simply learned a different way; I was always taught not to let my elbows (or knees) lock during repetitions, this I was told takes the strain or the heat off the muscle itself thus, providing less of a burn, rip or tear. What are your thoughts?

    1. Post

      Right you are there BJ, keeping tension on the muscle is important for getting that burn. That doesn’t mean you can’t get that burn with a lock out though. Take jump squats for example. While you’re in the air there is zero resistance on the muscle, but a few sets of jump squats will set your legs on fire.
      So yea, not locking out is a good idea, but it’s not mandatory. In the grand scheme of things it’s one of those ideas that really doesn’t matter too much just so long as you’re not hyper extending the joint or causing any sort of injury.

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