Rolling Plank for Complete Core Strength

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Lov’n the info these guys over at the Shape Shifter are putting out. It’s all about training for “that look” we all want but by using lots of body weight exercise they are also getting crazy functional and practical.

I love this plank variation that I just had to share with you. Few core moves can match it!

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  1. Laurie James Mackeson


    Good to see you posting some ideas from sources you think are within the ‘rules’ of ‘Red Delta Project’. It looks like a simple activity to do. I could see myself doing something like this if I am have limited time/space. The main reason I wouldn’t do this regularly is because I chose to not focus any more on the core than when doing my current routines (squats/lunges/push ups/burpies/mountain climbers). The site is getting a large collection of interesting articles/audio files. Really hoping you can get your podcasts back on iTunes so I can get access to them on my phone while ‘out and about’.

    Cheers From Down Under
    Laurie – ‘A’ Fit Rebel

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