Are Calisthenics Superior for Weight Loss?

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I’m really intrigued by a new theory about how calisthenics might be superior for weight loss.

I’ve long believed that there is no such thing as a weight loss exercise.

Exercise, of any sort, is all about conditioning the body for function and performance. You can tell your body to become faster or stronger but you can’t train it to fit into smaller jeans. While weight loss can result from an exercise program it’s more of a side effect than a direct result.

But there might be an exception to that rule.

I’ve becoming more of a believer that exercise that moves the body through space might somehow directly tell the body to be leaner.

The instructions for leanness might come from the fact that we can improve our ability in body weight based exercise if we are both stronger and lighter.

Other forms of exercise rely more on just strength. Our body weight isn’t much of a factor on the bench press or while sitting on an exercise bike. But if we start doing push ups or run up a hill, a few extra pounds around the waistline can made a big difference.

So the theory is that body weight exercise just might be training us to be both stronger and lighter since both would improve our performance in the exercise.

Of course we can get lighter by losing some muscle, but since we are simultaneously telling the body it needs to be strong, that might protect the muscle and send that “lose weight” signal over to the fat cells.

It’s just a theory for now, but over time I find more and more examples of it in action.

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  1. Laurie Mackeson

    (I) exercise for the enjoyment of moving my body in a “strong way” and because I enjoy being able to “live” (complete job, handle stresses of the day and move around). It will be interesting to hear how this topic moulds your pre-existing beliefs and subsequently HOW you direct your life with the information and experiences you “get”. I <3 Calisthenics types activities, especially when I am relatively low on time/energy. They are the "the bomb"! Their results for me are pretty clear. To me, worrying too much about their benefit (when compared to other forms of exercise) is going out "on too small a branch" at this stage (but it might change…who knows) Sent from iPhone 4.

    1. Post

      Ya know, you’re right there about being on a small branch. Looking at calisthenics for weight loss is kind of like looking for another good reason to get into a lifeboat on a sinking ship. There is already plenty of reason to use them, but it’s nice to have one more 🙂

  2. Laurie James Mackeson

    Too right! More options (to a certain point) allow you to have a workout for pretty much every ‘workout’ possibility- provided you can wake up in the morning. I have noticed however, as I get further away from my #1,2,3 choices (a) I spend some time thinking if it is worth having these options for moments when what I want to do isn’t able to be applied. Then again, ‘the day off’ is a great ‘Plan’ in itself.

  3. mark

    Right on. I have known this for years. Theee best diet for fat loss is a diet of cals. Somehow the body knows fat is the enemy and as long as you are consistent in your training, it will rid itself of the problem. Fat! Great post.

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