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Yesterday hurricane/ tropical storm Irene hit my humble state of Vermont right between the eyes.

Kinda funny how we are the only landlocked state here in New England and we get hit by a hurricane.

Anyhow, I received a few emails from folks wondering how the whole be-fit and live-free works in times like these.

The short answer is, very well. Very well indeed.

At the heart of Fitness Independnece is a vast amount of flexibility and the tools to stay in shape no matter what life throws at you.
Hit me with a hurricane, send a flash flood my way. You can even leave me stranded on the interstate for a few days next to a fast food filled rest stop.

No matter what life throws at me I can hack it and still come through in great shape.

My diet free eating habits allow me to eat well when my food resources become unpredictable.
The body weight based exercise ensures that I can exercise anywhere I like with whatever resources I have on hand.

The ups and downs of life can be stressful enough, and there was a time where trying to stick to inflexible fitness rules only compounded stressful situations like this.

Thankfully those days are past.

Yesterday Nicki and I baked some blueberry muffins and made some meat sauce pasta for dinner.
Earlier in the day I nailed a fantastic workout in my basement and played around with a new pushup variation in the living room.

So good-bye Irene, you may have taken out a few roads and corner shops here in VT, but you didn’t slow me and my progress down in the slightest.

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  1. Laurie James Mackeson


    Another great reminder of the ‘basic’ Fit Rebel/Red Delta Project principles.

    This totally applies to me at the moment as well.

    5 Days ago I walked 66km (in 13hrs) in preparation for my 100km/24hr walk on the 23rd September. My calf muscles are ‘toast’ at the moment but it doesnt stop me doing alternative workouts.

    The blisters are painful but there is always something (I like) to do while I am waiting for my legs to allow me to do my usual walking, stepping, running routines. For me it is just like the month after my knee surgery when it was difficult to walk. I can feel myself becoming a bit like Tom Selleck (in Mr Baseball) as you describe in an ‘old’ iTunes podcast.

    Thanks for sharing your personal experiences as a reminder to appreciate what we have AND how to enjoy not having it.

    Laurie – from “Down Unda” 😉

    1. Post

      Glad to hear your progress in your walking training is progressing. it reminds me that going through something like that can teach a personal a lot about themselves.

      Are you doing any calf specific training to help with the cramping and fatigue? Doing any massage or roller work?

  2. Laurie James Mackeson

    All those involved in a Fitness Independence Lifestyle,

    I have learned many things in the past months of planning/training for my 24hr / 100km walk.

    The best learning is what you didn’t plan/think you would learn. I am constructing a ‘learning log’ about my pre/during/post ‘walk’ and will report on that at a point AFTER the ‘big walk’. But what I can say right now it: Think of what your body could do right now and DOUBLE how much of it you want to do! Doing this will allow you to ‘show’ yourself how much ‘hidden’ physical/mental strength you have!

    I have come to a better understanding of the difference between PHYSICAL and MENTAL and a better way of functioning (in life) when either or both of these things are impacting me.

    RE: Specific training – I am doing hourly stretching in combination with my low impact routines (which are helping). Once I my calves/blisters ‘settle down’ I plan to do some specific things to ‘limit’ the pain on the ‘big walk’. Have you (or any of your followers) got any suggestions to assist me?

    Farewell from Down Unda!

    1. Post

      Some wise words there Laurie. Ideas like this can only come from experience and time. You certinaly walk your talk that’s for sure.

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