Luxury Calories; The Real Reason for Weight Gain & Weight Loss

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There are lots of different diets and exercise programs promoting weight loss.

Some people find success on them and other’s don’t.

I take this semi-success rate as proof that none of these methods attack the heart of what really causes weight loss or weight gain.

If someone can run and lose weight and someone else takes up running and doesn’t lose weight then that shows running isn’t the root cause.

In today’s podcast I talk about a concept called that luxury calorie. I really believe it’s the heart of what causes every human being on earth to lose or gain fat on their body.

luxury calories

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Comments 3

  1. Paulius

    Great podcast!

    A proof that calorie count is not everything.
    If you drink a litter of olive oil at one go,
    you won’t gain 700 g but
    most probably loose some weight afterwards.
    (Not recommended though).

    1. Post

      LOL you might be onto a new diet there Paulius! write it up into a book, throw in a few facts and get a few celebrities to credit you with their plastic surgery phsyique and you’ll make a mint!

  2. Laurie Mackeson

    I find that going to bed ‘a little early’ (usually as much as 30mins) is an effective way to cut down on those luxary calories – i.e the ones I eat later day just because I am ‘up’.

    In addition, how is the latest diet craze ‘The Olive Oil Diet’ Book/Video going? The early ‘data/proof’ sounds promising and I can’t wait to pin all my hopes on it as I gain the last few % in athletic and deitry outcomes. HAHA

    Cheers – Laurie

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