It’s a Good Thing You Can’t Spot Reduce

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Even though we have been told it’s nearly impossible to do, there are still loads of folks out there wanting to get rid of fat in specific areas of the body.

There are also lots of products out there promising fat loss in those pesky trouble zones.

Yet despite the demand and all of the promises, the ability to selectively lose fat in certain areas of the body ranks right up there with turning lead into gold.

Admittedly, there is a small body of research, and a few experts, suggesting that the human body may lose fat in certain areas first before moving onto other areas. Even though this idea may not be widely accepted, it still doesn’t change anything because it still does not give us any ability to selectively burn off fat in specific areas.

While some might see the inability to spot reduce as a bad thing, I for one see it as a good thing. A very good thing.

The lack of spot reduction means that a decent weight loss program will effect your entire body, including the area of most concern.
How fantastic is that! You cut back on the sweets and eat some more veggies, and the whole body gains the benefits

Imagine if you really could spot reduce, that would mean you would need separate diet and exercise strategies for every major area of the body. Imagine how much a pain in the neck that would be!

But we don’t need a million and one different exercises and diet strategies. We just need to implement a few simple (although difficult) principals and let the benefits cover us from head to toe. And that is certainly something to be happy about.


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  1. Laurie James Mackeson

    Matt (and others)

    Maybe they are confusing/making us be confused between the concept of spot reducing fat and spot increasing muscle endurance/building. I wonder if this is true because like you indicate, the body has a way of losing size in certain areas depending on person factors but have increased indurance/fitness in the areas of the body I ‘workout’. The best bit that has happened is I have decreased size, decreased weight and increased functional fitness without trying to impact on where I lose the ‘fat/size’.

    I hope this makes sense. It did to me as I typed it.

    Laurie – Down Unda

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