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The Essential Details For Squats, Leg Raises and Bridges

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This is the conclusion of the podcast series on how to milk as much as you can from elementary calisthenic exercises.

squats, bridge, leg raise

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  1. Laurie James Mackeson

    Matt- Thanks for the personal mention. Like you said, the ‘Mega Walk’ was 106km and the time was 23hrs15mins. It raised money for The Cancer Council – Relay for Life- at this stage $600. Team “Be Fit..Live Free” consisted of; my wife (who provided car support from midnight-7:45am, my best friend who walked the final 32km with me and another good friend who provided car support for the final 32km. As you pain and discomfort, there were no ‘pain’ issues but a world of discomfort. Thanks Matt for the support you provided me. To be able to complete the distance without getting knee issues is a tribute to ALL the information I have learned from you. I have really learned how to ‘workout’ (other parts of the body) while experiencing issues with others. It has helped me maintain my goals over the past 1.5yrs 🙂

  2. Ren Collier

    Thanks for answering my question Matt. It makes sense that the pullup you described would not strain the back muscles because the back is made to to move in that manner. Also thanks for pointing out the difference between this and when lifting heavy loads and arching the back as wells as having the back arched for prolonged periods of time. I suppose some of the information I learned from my certification made me more paranoid about this than I should’ve been. Great stuff can’t wait for the next podcast!

  3. Paul B

    Hey, I know I’m late, but I’m curious: can bridges be used as a primary training exercise? Or is it just to be used as a warm-up/corrective exercise?

    1. Post

      It can be great for both there Paul. Some of the intro streps in CC are very much about corrective movements, but there are some technical ways you can use them to really strengthen the hell out of the posterior chain. Videos to come!

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