Is There a Perfect Workout Routine, and if so, Would You Really Want it?

I used to search hi and low for the perfect workout routine.

I believed that the perfect routine would result in the perfect body.

After years of searching I’m glad I never found it. Even so I just might have the next best thing…….

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2 Responses to Is There a Perfect Workout Routine, and if so, Would You Really Want it?

  1. Laurie James Mackeson says:

    Red Delta Followers,

    From my point-of-view, as a person who really enjoys physical activity already, a ‘perfect’ workout takes into account the ‘things’ that make it difficult to partake in the activities that I like to do.

    A ‘perfect’ workout can be designed around the following factors- In order of least to most experienced.

    1. Finding a ‘safe time’- any time that exists outside my personal/professional life.
    2. Keeping focus on other areas of life – Family and friends.
    3. Psychological elements like some tiredness, slight fatigue, headaches.
    4. A feeling of flatness in workouts/training.
    5. Physical limitations (niggles/injuries).
    6. Locations.

    How I work around these issues is dependent on me and my life context.

    I would love to hear the different factors that make it difficult for you, how they effect you and how you try to/overcome them.


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