Avoiding Home Gym Failure

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Setting up a home gym usually seems like the ultimate fitness advantage, however there are some pitfalls that any home fitness enuthiast can fall for.

Here are some of the major obsticals and how to over come them.

– Having enough time to workout.

Workouts that can be done at any time often end up not being done at all. Home workouts are just too easy to put off until later. Its not uncommon to find you’ve put it off so much weeks have gone by.
To avoid this, be sure to keep a somewhat regular schedule when you exercise. The beauty of home workouts is that it’s much easier to get in just a quick 15 minute session. So keep the duration of the workout flexible, but stick to when it actually happens.

– Keeping distractions at bay.

Some people like to workout at a gym because there is little else to do there but exercise. At home you have the TV, computer, phone, and any number of distractions.
Things are always going to pop up durring a workout at home. However it helps to keep distractions to a minimum while working out.
Don’t worry, that text message or phone call can wait until the workout Is over.

– Exercise tools are out of sight and out of mind.

I’m not at all a fan of storing exercise tools in a closet or under a bed. If the equipment is out of sight it’s out of mind.
On top of that, we humans are notoriously lazy when it comes to getting ready to workout at home. At least at a gym there is a routine of preparation as you drive to the gym, check in and change.
A home gym has no such routine (usually) so it’s helpful to keep the equipment you use set up and ready to go. Even something as simple as needing to pull some dumbbells from under a chair can be enough of an obstical to keep you from exercising.

– Keep a dedicated space for exercise.

I’ve seen it 100 times before. Someone sets up a home gym in the basement but the rest of the house takes over the space. While they still have the equipment they no longer have a gym. The workshop, kids play room, attic or office just sort of takes over.
This is the classic example of a treadmill turning into coat hanger.
The solution is simple; just keep a dedicated workout space and fight like hell to keep it that way.
I know it might not seem like a big deal to place that box of dishes next to the spin bike, but unless you’re planning on moving it again that same day, it’ll probably stay there and turn your home gym into “storage”.

-Keep your workout fresh.

Finally, home workouts can become dull and routine faster than workouts at a gym. To keep things fresh, invest in new workout routines and ideas on how to use the equipment you already have.
Beware of the urge to add some variety by always buying new stuff. You probably don’t have the space of a commercial gym and that all important open space can quickly evaporate leaving the gym cluttered and cramped.

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  1. Laurie James Mackeson

    Matt and Red Delta People,

    I find that a ‘home gym’ does everything I need for me. And obviously one person can list EVERY way to ‘bullet proof’ your workouts. The obstacles which impact my personal situation is #1 and #5.

    One must consider HOW to manage the situation/s when your home gym is not an option. It is great to have a well organized routine which includes areas and exercises it is too easy to ‘think outside the box’ when the ‘home gym’ option is not viable- not working out or meeting your needs with the different location are the two options left.


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