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The Science of Willpower Part 2; Controlling Your Diet

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Mention fitness and willpower together and many folks immediately start to invasion turning down forbidden foods or sticking to a diet plan.

In part 2 of the willpower series we explore how the science of willpower relates to diet and why most diet strategies ca actualy deplete your willpower.

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  1. Keefer

    Hi Matt,

    I like what your sharing about dieting willpower. The book sound interesting and your insight makes alot of sense.

    There is an affirmation that I learned years ago which you may also like. I will share it with you.

    Daily Affirmation

    Will Power

    Recognizing that the power of the will is the surpreme court over all other departments of my mind. I will exercise it daily when i need the urge to action for any purpose; and I will form habits designed to bring the power of my will into action at least once daily.

    From: Commentaries On The Martial Way
    By, Bruce Lee

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  2. Janet

    you are interesting to listen to Matt. I knew to take little steps but I stopped because it felt like I was getting no where. To hear other examples to work towards smaller steps like not doing it for 24/hrsI gives me ideas how I’ll do it. The big goal(s) can be accomplished by little steps by thinking different ways to work on the change of habit but also can still go back to the old habit. Eventually, the new habit will take over. Sounds fun to me!

  3. Jarah

    I don’t know about the red light thing? There is something about getting all foods on the the same light. When you can make red light foods turn into green then, it doesn’t take will power eat less or better. Example when we make the red foods hard to come by we tend to just eat around those foods. We eat more green foods (calories) trying to avoid the red then if we just would of eaten the red food. I am totally with you on the taking time to make changes. Taking the red and making them green takes time but it is a lasting change unlike the quick fix diets. I believe the quick fix’s “work” because you are putting your body into shock mode and if that’s what you want instant results and, you don’t mind that your going to gain it all back (and probably some more) then keep with the diets. But if you want lasting results with and better relationships with food a exercise it’s going to be done in baby steps, with what your body and your willpower can handle it.

    1. Post

      Hitting the nail right on the head you are!
      You’re also right about shifting red light foods to green light foods. Maybe something good for a future podcast or article. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Laurie Mackeson

    I have set myself a ‘Will-Power Challenge’- NO Rocky Road Ice Cream (my favorite flavor) for a whole month. To make it all the most interesting I have a 1L container in my freezer so I have to see/feel it each time I go to the kitchen. My wife has promised I get to choose a movie we both HAVE to watch (I am going to make it something by Steven Seagal) if I succeed but there is no punishment for failing this challenge 😉

    Is anyone else interesting in setting their own ‘Challenge’?


    1. Post

      That’s quite the challenge there Laurie. I did the same thing once with an open bag of Twizzlers. My experience was that after a few weeks resisting them became habit and it was much easier to do. I’m interested in seeing how your challenge goes.

  5. Laurie Mackeson

    Hey Matt!

    My ‘No Ice Cream’ Challange is complete! What a bizare experience. The aim was to go without the ice-cream but what I have ‘ended up with’ was the much much better.

    To make the story short. I completed the challenge quite easily, only a few times did I really want it. on some occasions, I did replace the need for ice cream with ‘something else’. (As much as counting calories is difficult) Keeping the concept of Relative Calorie Balance in mind was MORE important than just avoiding food. Typically I would, desiring the ice cream, either find a away of Calorie Hacking by doing something that was a no Calorie Option OR replace that amount of Calories with something else.

    The reward for completing it, a movie of my choice, is something I have no need for even though I was victorious. But it will be awesome to have my watch a Steven Segal movie with me, she has a love hate relationship with him- loves it when he is not on, hates it when he is.

    In a twist that I didn’t see coming, my wife actually started eating the ice cream I was saving. To make a long story short, as per our house rules (you replace what you ate + one more amount), I am the proud owner of a new 1L container of Rocky Road ice cream + the 500mL left in the old one- I might just let her have the smaller amount 😉

    One final twist was that I have started to ‘lose the urge’ for luxury calories- and some old favorites just aren’t as tasty. More accurately, I don’t eat anywhere near as many by myself. The saying ‘food tastes better when there are friends/family around’ definitely applies.

    Laurie ‘Loves Challenges’ Mackeson

    P.S – I have learned some awesome ways to use chocolate as an ingredient in a sandwich.

    1. Laurie Mackeson

      Matt (and others)

      I am having so much fun at the moment experimenting foods, with Chocolate being the core element of these creations- more recently Mango and Banana.

      This time it was Choc with Pasta. The pasta is cooked ‘normally’ so it is not wasted for anyone who does not want/like the Choc option.

      Initial ‘findings’…The meal last night was AWESOME (considering it was the first attempt). My first impressions are that the type/brand/quantity of chocolate seem to be variables which influence the outcome. The best bit is the chocolate component can be put in a ‘side dish’ for people to ‘opt in’ if they like.

      Will update when further progress is made.

      Laurie ‘Loves Chocolate’ Mackeson
      Down Unda

      1. Post

        Chocolate with pasta might sound strange, but I beleive chocolate is one of the most under used potential ingredients. the other day I had a chocolate stout and it was great.

        Chocolate, it’s not just for desert!

  6. Laurie Mackeson


    Firstly, I would have believed that Chocolate Stout was a bit weird if my wife and I had not purchased some Chocolate/Red Wine on the South Coast of the state in which I live in. Never been into stout but I can tell you there is a ‘brand’ of stout in England/UK that was owned by someone in my family ‘way back in the day’.

    Secondly, as an important ‘side’ question relating to another comment I made a while back (food/drink impacting on my body more now that I am lighter). What are your thoughts/experiences on the consumption of alcohol, chocolate and sugar on the body/mind ‘later’ in the day? I ask because it seems that even a small amount has a large effect later in the day than it ‘used’ to.

    Finally, I got to purchase a 500g tub of Chunky Monkey Ben n’ Jerrys a week or so ago. Two words – Legen….wait for it…..dairy! Banana, Nut, Choc all in one ice-cream. Expensive but delicious!

    Cheers – Laurie

    1. Post

      Buh yea on the B&J man!

      That flavor is classic!

      It is interesting about how food / drink effect the mind at different times of the day. It’s a case where there can be so many differences from one person to the next and from one day to the next that it’s best to be in touch and make your best choices on a case by case basis.

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