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The Art and Risk of Weighted Calisthenics

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loaded calisthenics can be a very effective means of adding intensity to your body weight training.

That being said, there is a significant risk to all loaded calisthenics and it can undermine your progress and limit your potential.

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The Fit RebelThe Art and Risk of Weighted Calisthenics

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  1. Laurie Mackeson

    Matt (and others)

    I know this is slightly off topic. I got a question for you: Can you explain your ‘position’ when it comes to getting ‘professional help’ (in person, print or internet) to teach you body weight and body weight assisted moves.

    I would presume/expect they could assist with information regarding: Body position, form, additional weight, appropriate/necessary fatigue, best practice routines- just to name a few.

    I am interested to hear your thoughts on another open ended question 😉


    1. Post

      Nothing comes close to the quality of getting one-on-one guidance. Five minutes with a trainer can do more for you than reading an entire book. If they know what they are talking about, you will benefit in ways you never imagined.

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