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Monthly Challenge #1: Adding Fruit and Veggies

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This month’s challenge is a dietary challenge.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to include some sort of fruit or vegetable with each meal you eat.

It’s generally accepted that most folks don’t get enough fruits or veggies in their diet and keeping this habit can greatly increase your fruit and veggie consumption. It’s also a great way to get a variety of tastes and textures into your mundane meals.

You don’t have to include a salad and a fruit basket with every meal. Even adding some veggies in a sandwich can count. For now don’t get too hung up on what counts and what doesn’t. Just aiming for some fruit or veggie with each meal will go a long way towards improving the nutritional quality of your diet.

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  1. Laurie Mackeson


    Challenge (2/4 or 2/5 accepted)! Starting today I am going to have “a serve” of fruits and/or vegetables for 2 out of 4 or 5 meals (depending on daily factors). I will incorporate them into my Breaky and Dinner. I will “report my findings” and am genuinely surprised what “happens” because I already have “plenty” of them in my diet.

    Slighty Warmer Cheers- From Down Under (as November progresses)

  2. Laurie Mackeson

    Matt and Red Delta Project-ers!

    Challenge successfully complete! Smashed out of the ‘ball park’!

    WHAT I LEARNED: Salads can get boring if you don’t think creatively. I did experiment by altering the ‘extras’ I put in with the salad. A small amount of salad dressing, spanish onions and eschalots can be used as a ‘low calorie’ addition (but higher ‘enjoyment element’) to a salad. Diced/sliced meats can be used to ‘bulk up’ the salad. In addition, I learned that salads are much more enjoyable when you include ONLY the foods you ‘like’ rather than focusing on foods with any ‘specific health benefits’. Finally, I learned that while they ‘fill me up’, it feels (post consumption) that I did not get an energy ‘boost’ from them. But there was obvious what ever ‘nutrients’ are in the items I eat, my body/mind enjoyed being replenished by them after a typical workout. A couple of pieces would take the edge off some cravings while waiting a typical 30-60mins till my next meal.

    I will continue to consume (diced/whole) these foods in my diet at the most practical times in my day. I need to organise my finances/shopping to ensure I have a selection of the ‘optional extra ingredients’ (meat, dressing, cheese) ‘on hand’ in case I feel like I need a little extra energy. Keep looking for items to add to my salads and different combinations of items.

    Thanks for allowing me a forum to share my weird/wacky Intuitive/Mindful Eating habits. I am VERY KEEN to hear how other people have experimented with a food/drink in their diet (either for a meal/day/week/month). Always good to get other people’s ideas.

    Laurie ‘Glad Summa is Coming’ Mackeson

    1. Post

      Rock on there Laurie!

      Yea a good salad can be a challenge. I find that anything that adds some heat and spice is good as well as multiple protein sources.

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