The Myth that Champions Don’t Get Knocked Down

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They have this saying about getting knocked down 6 times and getting back up 7.

I’m not a big fan of it to be honest, but I have to admit it does point to a truth. That truth is that everyone at one point or another gets knocked on their ass.

At the present moment I’m on the tail end of recovering from a cold that completely derailed my November challenge for 7 days. So yes, even though I have all of the motivation and passion in the world, I too get knocked down from time to time.

Everyone gets knocked down. You will get knocked down. No one in immune.

It’s going to be hard, it’s going to suck and it’s going to test your commitment and resolve. The only difference between the champions and those who lose out is that champions get back up, dust themselves off and get back after it.  It’s a myth that winners don’t get knocked down. Trust me, they get their ass handed to them often enough. It just doesn’t seem like it because their knock downs are temporary.

Bruce Lee had a debilitating back injury that left him unable to walk for nearly a year.

The singer Adel just had to cancel the rest of her tour due to damage to her vocal cords.

Martha Steward went to jail for insider trading

Donald Trump once was millions of dollars in the hole

Lance Armstrong once was so weak with cancer he had trouble even walking let alone ride a bike

The world is filled with champions who have been knocked down. It would actually be hard to find a champion who hasn’t been knocked down.

It saddens me when someone hits a set back, and they never get back on track. They get sick, injured or their schedule goes insane for a few weeks. Hey it happens to the best and there is no fault in it. But when the time had passed and it’s time to get back on track they never got the momentum back.

It’s sad. So very sad. So much potential ended up just evaporating into thin air.

The beauty of our methods here at the Red Delta Project is that they offer you the best chance of getting back up when you hit a stumbling block. Having complex and expensive diet and exercise strategies just makes it  much harder to get back on track. But with B.W.B.E and diet free healthy eating, you can get back to your fitness pursuits with minimal effort.

The key is to start small and let the momentum build. Just get down and bang out some push ups or make a conscious choice to have a healthy breakfast. You don’t have to jump right back up to what you were once doing when you got knocked down. Simply start doing something, anything and the momentum will build like a wildfire.

If you ever stumble and need help getting back on track I do hope you’ll drop me a line. There is no reason at all to let a cold or a busy month at work keep you from pursuing your fitness dreams.



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  1. Fred Mizell

    Great Post!!! This really strikes home with me! I had two knee surgeries in the past two years and with working here in Kuwait, It was very easy to allow myself to get waaaaayyyyy off track on exercise and eating!! I allowed my self to get to 123 KG with no exercise and really became the unmotivated individual you mentioned. Now at 60 years of age, I have knuckled down and became concious of correcting this condition. I have lost 23 KG in the past year and have became more active with exercise and such to bring me back into line with what I should not have lost to begin with!!! Thanks to your posts and those of our fellow readers I have really recommited myself to doing and being a real human being and continue to seek a better me. Keep up the good work and words of motivation and knowledge. Thanks a lot to all of you!!


    1. Post

      Thank you as well Fred for sharing your motivating story with us! Knowing that other’s, like yourself, have been knocked down and refuse to stay down help fuel our passions to get right back up and charge ahead.

  2. Laurie Mackeson

    Thanks Frank for sharing your story. Putting on (that much) weight after an injury and then working to get back the “better you” sounds very familiar to me. What a great success to lose that much in the year! If you could share any of the major pieces of learning you discovered and then put into practice would be great to read. It is great to have other “Fit-Rebels” posting on here. You’re right! Matt’s words are a huge help. “His way” is all about helping you find your way no matter who you are, your personal circumstances and goals. The only person he can’t help is the one who keeps choosing to not want help. Keep your posts to his information coming. Great to get another opinion on these matters.

    Enjoying the Awesome Hot Pre-Summer Weather (3 Days of 30+ with Excellent afternoon storms/ cool breeze) in NSW Australia – Laurie

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