The Power of Multi-Dimensional Progression

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One of the biggest reasons why the score board works so well, is because it promises the potential for endless progression.
Even after 5 years you can still use it to advance your strength and capabilities.

That might seem like one of those sales pitches that sounds too good to be true.

After all, you can’t progress forever….or can you?

The issue with most progressive programs is they are too focused within a very narrow aspect of performance.

It happens when folks are only focused on how much weight they can lift, or how fast they can run a 10K.

I believe we have to potential to never stop advancing in fitness. We always have the potential to move forward.

The trick is to recognize that we have the potential to advance in many more ways than just how fast we run or how many push ups we can do.

I like to think of fitness progression kind of like an inflating balloon or bubble. As it gts bigger it advances in all directions at once. It’s not like it just gets bigger by getting taller but not wider. Even long balloons increase in width as they get longer. The balloon expands in all directions at once.

When we become too focused on one or two aspects in fitness we kind of end up like the balloon that’s trying to inflate in only one dimension. We are trying to gain strength but not endurance. We want more flexibility but forget about control. We lose weight but don’t focus on eating for pleasure.

I believe progress is always possible because we always have areas to progress. I may be reaching my limit for how fast I can run a 5K but my running technique can stand to improve a lot. Or maybe I can’t get any more push ups but I have a lot of potential in smith machine single arm push ups.

There is always room to improve somewhere. The beauty is that when we improve in one areas we tend to improve in other areas. I’ve seen endurance runners last longer because they get stronger. I’ve felt much stronger in the weight room by improving my endurance. My flexibility improves with increased balance and control. I even improved my diet when I started eating more for pleasure than just blatant nutrition.

The Score Board allows you to track multiple aspects of fitness at once. You don’t have to just workout for strength or endurance. You can track how many pull ups you can do in 5 minutes or how many you can do with a 50# weight around your waist. You can track it all, therefor you can progress it all, even your technique.

There’s always room for progression somewhere. Seek out the areas you can improve upon and you’ll discover that everything progresses at the same time.

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  1. Laurie Mackeson

    Red Delta ‘Followers and Matt

    Coming out the other side of a serious injury in such a way that I am happier (mentally/physically) has been most rewarding. I am able to apply rules and flexibility into my lifestyle choices. I am now at a stage where learning to balance ‘progression’ with ‘maintaining’ is now important to my health/family goals.

    I know that each time I do something (safely), I am ‘better off’. That is the (current) root of my workout plan. The type of workout is then up to me. In the past 1.5 years, I have learned workouts can be great for many reasons.

    (1) Something (safely) is better than nothing
    (2) Maintaining is about keeping things similar
    (2) Progression is about expecting more of myself
    (3) My choice to workout shouldn’t ‘eat into’ my time with other people.
    (4) Stay away from high level fatigue as much as possible
    (5) Exercise = physical conditioning and Diet = fueling the body (and other things)

    The balance between Progress and Maintain exists (for me because) I consider;

    (a) how ‘fit’ I need to be for things I do regularly
    (b) how fit I need to be for the things I do sometimes
    (c) each type of workout has its own + and – effects (with some cross over benefits)

    I would like to hear if/how other Red Delta people deal with any of the elements of health/fitness I have mentioned in this response.

    Laurie ‘Something (safely) is better than nothing’ Mackeson

    1. Post

      I like how you put in there that progression is largely about expecting more of yourself Laurie. it’s a good reminder that expecting more of yourself is the start of all progression.
      Too many people are afraid to ask more of themselves. So they ask more of their technology, their diet or their program through looking for something better. I find that once I ask more of myself though, my diet, and programs become more effective 🙂

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