Fool Proof Monthly Challenge #4: Super Lunges

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It’s a new month and that means a new challenge.

This month’s challenge is the crazy effective leg exercise, the lunge.

There are many reasons why the lunge rocks as one of the greatest leg exercises of all time.

– It’s a great way to train the legs in a unilateral fashion.

– It’s fantastic for locomotion. After all, you do want strong legs to move well right?

– It trains your core and hamstrings in a very functional way.

– It requires a great degree of knee and pelvic lateral stability. This helps make anything you use your legs for more efficient as well as safer on your joints.

– They sculpt your fanny and calves to help go with your tight and toned quads.

– Lunging for distance will give you a cardio workout that’s second to none.

Like all other’s calisthenics, the lunge is a move many can do, but it takes real focus and discipline to bring it to a masterful art form.

Your challenge is 2 fold.

1- If you’re not lunging at least 2-3 times a week get started in making it a regular part of your leg training plan.

2- If you do lunge on a regular basis start to get super detailed about your technique.

You might also want to create some fun challenges for yourself.

Some examples might include:

– Jump lunges for a Tabata workout.

– Lunge the length of a soccer field or some other crazy distance.

– Lunging up stairs and see how many flights you can climbing a day, week, or month.

I’ve included the video I made on super lunges that highlight some of the details that can take your lunges to the next level.



Good luck and let me know how things go for you down below!

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  1. Laurie Mackeson

    “Lunge the length of a soccer field or some other crazy distance”…Hmmmm..sounds right up my alley. What lunge challenge would the equivalent for a 106km walk? LOL

    My challenge is to continue using lunges in my current workout format AND do a a lunge ‘course’ (most likely my driveway or the local netball courts) with a 30sec rest every 1 minute for a time to be decided (at this stage somewhere between 10-20mins). ‘Good Form’ will be my priority and I will record the length each attempt (once a week) and report my ‘findings’ after 4 attempts.

    Maybe your ‘followers’ could submit a ‘1 Month Challenge’ for you and you will attempt ‘the best’ one. LOL


  2. Laurie Mackeson


    REPORT: Challenge cancelled due to circumstances. One thing I did learn during this challenge was how to quit one a ‘project’ and do something different while at the same time meeting my needs – both physical and psychological.

    This ‘failure’ has reaffirmed to me the simple saying: Do what you LIKE to do, in ways that are enjoyable and fit your time constraints, modify the how you do them and you will have ‘longer term’ results. If you ever get bored and think you are fit, do a random insane challenge or have someone set you one and see how your body ‘pulls up’.

    Laurie ‘Learning from Mistakes’ Mackeson

    1. Post

      No problem Laurie, challenges like these can always be revisited some other time. The point is to learn and move on either way.

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