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How I Keep Improving my Diet…..Without Dieting

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In this week’s podcast:

– The simple strategy that hardly takes any time, but improves healthy eating skills every day.

– Why sticking to a strict diet isn’t real self control.

– The simple experiment you can do this weekend to sharpen your intuitive eating skills.

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  1. Laurie Mackeson

    Hey Matt!

    Awesome podcast! A great reminder of where I have come from, where I am at BUT now (more importantly) how I find a better life-balance because of the increased focus on health issues over the past 2yrs. It has been a long process for me but the way I chose to eat now applies to a wider range of situations than every before.

    Mindful/Intuitive Eating is such a personal journey I won’t add the following points about my journey ‘to’ a healthy relationship with food in relation to Mindful/Intuitive Eating OTHER than to say – Stop wishing/hoping/wanting change in your life and APPLY this information into YOUR life.

    The ONLY thing ‘new’ thing I will add is a strategy that might work for you.

    Make a ‘visual’ list of foods that for some reason stopped creating the ‘good’ sensations- I made mine on my iPhone so I could refer to it when I went shopping. This list helped me because it is very easy to ‘forgot’ which foods I have (temporarily) lost the sensations for. These foods typically were foods I had some positive feelings for, like my brain remembers a time when they were TOTALLY AWESOME but my ‘current desire level’ was ‘out of whack’ with the ‘heightened’ memory. I could look at this list and not purchase it ‘this time’. If I ever needed to ‘re-check the situation’ I could buy a smaller sample or share it with others to limit my intake and keep or delete from this list. I found that ‘staying away’ from foods (for a time that varied between each food) This worked when I had a large list of ‘luxury calorie’ foods to choose from- depending on which ones weren’t on ‘my list’ at the time I desired something 🙂

    Gee I hope this makes as much sense to the reader as it did to the writer/typer 🙂

    Thanks again Matt for your dedication to deliver information which allows US to be the King/Queen on our own throne! Can you stay with me while I enjoy the beautiful ‘bounty’ I have in front of me 🙂

    Down Under Laurie

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  2. Laurie Mackeson

    Red Delta People,

    2 years ago when I started my most recent (and most healthy) relationship with food, I learned that the energy ‘felt’ in the body didn’t always correlate with the energy contained in the item. I knew how to eat foods that I like instead of foods I didn’t like (don’t we all). Now I was learning to eat the foods which worked on my natural energy levels. I had experimented enough to know something was happening but unfortunately I lacked an explanation for this ‘feeling’. Today I found it!

    The terms are: Satiety, Satiety Factor and High/Low Satiety Factor Foods.

    I can now see that what was ‘new to me’ was in fact not new at all. If I had found this information earlier, I could have focused more on applying ‘the knowledge’ and less on food in other ways. I present this website so others can get to where I have got, but quicker.

    Laurie ‘XMAS is going to be awesome with Intuitive Eating’ Mackeson

    1. Laurie Mackeson

      Quick update.

      XMAS/New Year has passed with awesome successes in regard to my health and fitness.

      I managed to go the whole holiday period (approx 4-6 weeks without feeling the same type of guilt associated with eating when/what/how much I wanted/needed. Being honest about WHY I am eating is a new skill I am enjoying practising. These changes have continued into 2012.

      In regards to my health and fitness in regards in response to these changes in ‘lifestyle’ – mind is as strong as ever, body is fitter than I need it (which is how I like it and my body shape/size is where I want it to be.

      I would enjoy reading about other peoples xmas/holiday experiences when it comes to dealing with (typically) the extra chance to eat and (family/friends) committments that make it easy to ‘miss’ multiple workouts.

      Cheers from Down Unda

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        good call on getting your body fitter than you need there Laurie. Fitness and strength is the ultimate luxury. It’s like having a billion dollars or a car with 800 bhp. You know you’ll never really need all of that, but it’s really nice to know it’s there.

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