weighted push ups

Build Crazy Strength with Loaded Push ups!

The loaded push up is one of the most controversial exercises in the world of body weight based exercise.

Some say it’s not all that effective. Others say its not safe.

After working out the kinks for the past 3 years, I can say with complete confidence that you can do loaded push ups safely and effectively.

Check out the tutorial below. These videos will tell you everything you need to know about how to do effective loaded push ups in complete safety.


The Fit RebelBuild Crazy Strength with Loaded Push ups!


  1. Mitchell - Home Fitness Manual


    I think I’d prefer the sandbag version over the chains. Actually I like using resistance bands to make my pushups harder. Loaded pushups really do help to keep strength goals striding along.


    1. Author

      I agree, I’ve recently been using the sandbag again and you’re right, it is more comfortable and manageable. The band push ups are also great as well especially since they pack in a suitcase for travel. Bringing a sandbag through security is a pain!

    2. Author

      Yea I agree with ya there Mitchell. I recently got back into using the sandbag myself, it’s more comfortable for sure. Ditto on the bands as well. They are especially great for travel. I know there are some kool push up band products out there like the one Johnny Hinds has but using a figure 8 band works pretty well too.

    1. Author

      Who knows, I know a guy who got a kettle bell through security once. But you’re right, I’m not sure they would be happy with something like that in an overhead bin.

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