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This Ain’t Your Gym Class Calisthencis

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From here on out I’m not spelling calisthenics in the way that would help me win a spelling bee.

Starting now, it’s Kalisthenics with a Kapital “K” and there are a couple of reasons for this.

The first reason is to put some distance between the idea that body weight exercise is limited to the high repetition aerobic style exercise that are normally associated with “calisthenics.”

There are many who claim that body weight exercise isn’t hardcore. They hear the word “calisthenics” and images of endless jumping jacks and half-hearted push ups come to mind. Good to get the heart rate up, but it’s not the stuff that is known to produce super human strength or capabilities.

The reality is that bodyweight exercise is as hardcore as you make it. Sure there are some exercises that would hardly challenge anyone. But then there are those techniques that require so much strength and skill, that most people won’t even think about attempting them.

Putting the K in Kalisthenics somehow makes the term seem more hardcore. I don’t know why but anything that can subtly say “these are not the exercises you did in grade school gym class” is a good thing.

The second reason for the K is because the term calisthenics is a derivative from two words, kallos (meaning beauty) and sthenos (meaning strength.)

Why the K in Kallos was changed to a C is a reason I have yet to learn.

Returning to the K is a symbolic tip of the hat towards the root of the word and so much of the Red Delta Project philosophy is based upon understanding the original root of all things fitness. Even the very practice of Kalisthienics is to work the body in a way that was around long before the invention of any modern methods.

So by adding the K we return to an original root which is kind of what the practice of Kalisthenics is to begin with.

I want to make it clear that Kalisthenics is not a brand name. It’s simply a symbolic gesture and nothing more. It’s not like I’m inventing a new word or program here. It’s just a symbolic gesture towards the original hardcore root that is far too often forgotten in our fitness culture.

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