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What is More Important in Diet, Quality of Quantity?

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Check out this audio for an explanation on exactly what the Dietary Dichotomy is and use this handy chart for reference.

You’ll gain a pretty clear understanding as to why almost all strict diet methods can have some serious pitfalls.

dietary dicotomy


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  1. Laurie Mackeson

    Hey Matt (and Rosie)

    It once again looks like the ‘solution’ of a combination of BOTH applies rather than just one- just as with the Nature vs Nurture ‘debate’. In my case specifically, I am always trying to balance cardio (running/jogging) with [more] strength based activities instead.

    Thus is seems it is up to the individual to determine their own balance of both. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. The fact that many/most people are not, suggests to me that either is not the eays solution. Cheers – Laurie

    1. Post

      Well said there Laurie! As you pointed out it is all about balance and finding the right mix. Something that involves skill and experiece. Qualities that are sorely lacking in our fitness culture.

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