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Lazy Is Good in Fintess

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The notion of laziness has gotten a bad reputation in  our fitness culture.

Like many folks, I sought the hard road to get in shape. I was all about blood, sweat and tears.  I was the furthest thing from being pampered and soft.

While my tough-as-nails habits made me more disciplined, they also made me exhausted, injured and burned out. Not to mention it made staying in shape a daily struggle.

The bottom line is that the easier a task is, the greater our chances are of completing it.   The greater the chances are of completing it, the greater the chances are of staying consistent and being able to progress in our ability to do it.

We seem to have this crazy notion in our fitness culture that we will somehow reach our goals faster if we set up more hoops for us to jump through. Preferable those hoops should be coated in broken glass and set on fire.

Granted, we want our body to work hard through various challenges, but beyond that, the more difficult we make things the more we push our goals away. I have yet to find any exception to this in any aspect of life.

I once had a client who just couldn’t seem to do a simple dumbbell routine at home. She had the routine, she had the dumbbells she even had the time.

The problem was she was storing her adjustable dumbbells under her rocking chair. Once she started to store her weights along the wall she stuck to her routine like glue.

It might not seem like much. All she had to do to get started was to reach down and pull the weights out form under the chair. It’s hardly a monumental task considering the rest of her workout. However that simple 2 second effort was enough to tip the scales and make her workout something that was simply too difficult  for her to start.

Lazy is good. The easier we make it upon ourselves to eat well and exercise the more we tip the odds in our favor.

We can do this by making things easier to start, cheaper, more convenient, simpler and fun.

The very worst thing you can do is take on expensive, complicated, tedious and boring diet and exercise challenges. I don’t care if those methods turn you into physical perfection. The more effort you have to spend the lower you chances are of long term success. I know it may seem backwards but I promise you this is true and I’ll give you some examples in the next few posts.

In the mean time, go ahead and be lazy. Who says getting in shape needs to be a fair game? You want to stack the deck as much in your favor as possible. Because let’s face it, life is going to throw plenty of challenge your way so why add any more than you really need? This fitness and health game isn’t a pissing contest about who can endure the most pain and hardship.

Tip the scales in your favor and eliminate anything that’s making the rough harder to travel. You’ll soon be wondering why you made things so hard on yourself for all of these years.


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  1. Laurie Mackeson

    Hey Matt! Will make this a short (read:lazy) post.

    I know for sure that I am constantly trying to find the balance between easy tasks I don’t feel proud about achieving AND hard to complete but gaining a “bucket-o-satisfaction on a regular basis.

    Totally enjoyed this web-info! You know me better than you realise. I put you in the Einstein, Bruce Lee and other “game changers” group!


    1. Post

      Whoa high praise for sure there Laurie!

      I once played a game in school gym class and one of the students on the other side “cheated”. We all complained but the instructor told us that if we don’t try and cheat or bend the rules from time to time then we are not trying hard enough.

      I figure any rule that is holding you back is a rule worth breaking 🙂

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