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Fitness Challenge #4: Chow Down!

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Like many dieters, I once believed I had a never ending desire and an uncontrollable appetite for junk food.

I believed I needed a strict diet to stay in control and keep me from eating nothing but junk food and sweets.

It took me over 20 years to learn that this idea of a bottomless pit is entirely untrue and this month’s challenge is all about helping you discover that for yourself.

Your challenge is simple. Just sit down with a heaping portion of whatever your “limitless” food is and start eating. And eating. And eating.

Be sure to do this without any distractions such as TV or work. You want to pay very close attention to the feelings and sensations the food is bringing you with each and every bite.

As you continue to eat you’ll discover that your body and mind will gain less pleasure from the food. Eventually you’ll actually experience discomfort with each bite you take.

Once you’ve reached a point where the sensations of the food turn negative, stop and pay attention to the fact that stopping eating is actually a relief rather than a punishment.

That discomfort is proof that you don’t have an infinite desire for the food. Your body and mind are not some sort of primitive and lustful force that can never get enough. You can get enough and experiencing this first hand will be the first step in helping you regain control.

Keep in mind that this isn’t going to forever rid you of the desire to eat that food. It’s just a first step in learning that you’re not as out of control as you may think and that both your body and mind really do have your best interest at heart. ¬†They are not working against you as many diet theories may have you believe.

While sitting down with a half gallon of ice cream may not sound like a challenge, it is a monumental undertaking. Especially for anyone who is trying to greatly restrict their consumption of that food.

Very few dieters will actually purposely over eat to the point of mild discomfort. They mostly over eat when they have lost control and are on auto pilot. This is an unfortunate time to do this experiment because deprivation dulls the senses they experience with food. Feelings of satisfaction and satiety go right out the window.

By doing it purposely you remain in control and have a heightened sense of what your body is telling you with each bite.

You can do this experiment as many times as you like, but you’ll probably only need to do it once. After that, keep the lesson in mind and we can use it to help you forever gain control over the foods that once controlled you.

Let me know if you have any questions down below or contact me through the link up top.

Best of luck,

-Matt Schifferle

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  1. Laurie Mackeson

    Matt. I have come a long way with my relationship with food. When I feel ‘comfortable enough’ to do this challenge, I will do so and report to you my findings. After all I have done a wide range of (self defined) crazy eating challenges (namely my cholcate challenges) and only now am I starting to get back good sleeping habits.

    I presume you have done this yourself. Can Will you do it again and report those findings? Maybe we could set ‘a day’ and do a cross continental (Vermont/Wyong) ‘sitting’ where we enjoy our respective foods….


    1. Post
  2. Laurie Mackeson

    Matt – Because my wife doesn’t read these posts I am freely able to say that I am planning an Ultimate Intuitive/Healthy Eating Event:- Combining Easter and Chocolate. I have secretly got a variety of cholcolate ‘types’ which I am going to share with my wife (and any friends I invite over). The plan is to eat all of the chocolcate while (a) enjoying the differences between each ‘brand’ and (b) stopping when/if I have had enough. How would we determine the ‘same day’ since we are a day apart (Today is Sunday night for us/(Some time) Saturday for you).

    Doing it ‘together’ would be awesome. I will EMAIL/Tweet you regarding potential days/times. Our 14hr time difference will be the most difficult part to work around. Being that we are eating a ‘relatively large’ amount of chocolate, you will appreciate that we will need to do this as early as possible.

    Laurie ‘Celebrating Easter Differently ‘ Mackeson

    1. Post

      Holidays like Eater are an opportune time to do this challenge because you have an excuse to chow down. Easter is particularly good for the sweet tooth because there is a lot of for that’s very sugar based. it’s very smart of you to do this and observe your sensations with different brands. Didn’t think of doing that. Very creative Laurie!

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