Breaking the Diet Cycle

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Today’s post comes from the inspiration of Katie over at

Almost all changes within diet and exercise can turn into a cycle that builds momentum over time and brings ever increasing results.

The aim of the Scoreboard is to help you build a positive cycle where you have more fun and get in better shape month after month. In fact all information on this site is about building positive cycles.

Unfortunately there are also negative cycles that can cause your health and well being to tailspin into an ever darkening void.

This diet cycle is one such example:


A few things to note about the diet cycle:

-> The cycle gains fuel and momentum with negative self talk. The more you beat yourself up, the more momentum it builds.

-> The cycle can gain fuel with each new diet or resolve to work on a new plan. Just when your cycle may be losing steam (as all cycles do) the latest and greatest trend pops up and away you go all over again!

-> Slowing down or stopping the momentum of the cycle is difficult to do by removing just one part of it. The best way to gain control is to lessen or eliminate as many components all at once. If you simply remove one or two components the other parts will still fuel the regeneration of those parts.

-> Like all things with momentum, it’s best to slow down rather than stop. This can be difficult for the dieter since their thinking can be an all or nothing approach towards food and self esteem. However if it’s possible to just shrink most of the components then the momentum can shift and eventually slow down.

-> Finally, once the cycle is stopped it’s important to be on the look out for any of the components to prevent it from starting up again. Once it’s been running, it’s much easier to start up. Daily focus is required to prevent it from taking off on you again.

In my next post I’ll draw up my Healthy eating Cycle so we can see how we can use cycles to our benefit.


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  1. Laurie Mackeson

    Good representation there Matt!

    In addition to the picture;

    Do you think some people are more addicted to losing weight than keepin it off?
    Do you think some people get tired/bored of the “lifestyle” choices that got them the results?
    Do you think some people ‘forget’ to put a ‘ value ‘ on all those times they feel bad about their health- instead they put a ‘cost’ on making the changes?

    I know some of the ‘key events’ that happened to put me on the Fitness Independance ‘Train’. Can you share some things that helped you go from wanting a ‘ticket’ to ‘purchasing’ one – in fact becoming the ‘driver’ is a job you do awesomely well!


    1. Post

      You’re right, a lot of folks can become enamored with the promises and hope of a life with a better body. But then reality sets in and they fall off the wagon, only to let time pass and then fall into the temptation once again.

      Those who do get in shape often look up and think “is this it?” Where are the bikini clad super models falling at my feet? Why haven’t I become the CEO of my company by now? How come no one is asking me to check out my abs?
      Being in shape is wonderful, but the benefits are usually more personal and known only to oneself than the rest of the world.

      I guess the whole FI thing happened over time. I’ve always wanted to be in great shape, but my subconscious was never down with the whole pain & suffering thing. Over time the subconscious always wins and it found the ways to be fit and live free.

  2. Laurie Mackeson

    Matt (and others)

    I have to admit I am/have been guilty (to some degree) of the “Is this it” Syndrome and (as I enter into Yr2 of F.I) I am learning more and more about the ‘Personal’ side of health and fitness- especially in the past 6 months. In addition, there were plenty of times when I thought (something to the effect of) “there must be an easier way”. I am happy to now know there IS.

    To conclude, I am guilty of falling off and jumping on wagons ‘in my time’. The biggest difference with falling/climbing while a ‘follower’ of F.I, is that I KNOW that it is (sometimes) a part of LIFE and that it only takes ‘1 choice’ to go ‘in the direction’ (on or off) you want to IF you aren’t already there/heading in that direction.

    It was great to re-read this article and reflect on MY past. I can now appreciate and understand the my past struggles and the struggles of others whom I know/meet.

    Cheers – Laurie

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