The Simple Trick To Greater Leg Strength

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There is little debate on how effective squats are for functional leg strength.

That being said there is something key that was missing from my squat program that left a lot of untapped strength undeveloped.

Plus I hardly ever see anyone use this sort of technique. If anything they do the opposite.

Add this method into your program and watch your leg strength improve beyond any plateau.

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  1. Laurie Mackeson

    Matt – Maybe this has something to do with the fact I can do one of my ‘Run Challenges’ once a week/fortnight or even a month and still complete them in a time very close/exact/sometimes better than my average/P.B. In between attempts of these challenges my leg exercises include- Close leg moving/stationary squats, lunges, Touch-Downs (90%+ with my own body weight )and jogging on the spot. It is more fun to ‘rip out’ a fun/intense/powerful run every now and then rather than knowing I could squat a ‘heavier weight’.

    Can you suggest/talk about ways to progress from a lunge to a Pistol Squat. It is a matter of being able to do the former (safely) in a ‘loaded’ fashion with as a ‘fair amount’ or is there a better way?

    Your thoughts- Laurie

    1. Post

      Good question there Laurie. The key is to recognize that the lunge and pistol are two moves that are different enough that they are hard to transition from one to the other. They really deserve individual attention.

      Like all Kalisthenics, both moves are good to ease into with a shorter range of motion. In both cases it’s more about not going down quite too far. This is something to work on over time.

      The key with both however is to keep the upper body moving in a vertical fashion for both. there should be no leaning or trusting of the weight forwards during each movement.

  2. Laurie Mackeson

    So…keep a vertical movement (no trusting of the weight forward, consider both (lunges/pistol squats) as seperate moves as different moves to master (as I already do for squats/lunges) AND start off simple by not going deep and look to progress.

    Great advice. Sounds (almost to) simple. Then I remember all the simple advice you have given me that has worked. Cheers

    Sorry for the late reply! I am not getting any notice of replies to the threads I reply to. BTW: 2 years post knee surgery (25th August) for me and I still remember you advice “be patient and I will reap the rewards later” (or something to that effect). I am celebrating the 1yr anniversay of my 106km / 23hr14min50sec Enduri Walk on the SAME night.

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