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Why It’s Good to Mess up Your Diet

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Trust me, this is going to end well……..maybe

I’m writing this after a big heavy dinner at a local restaurant.

As far as healthy eating goes, I went against quite a few rules.

I ate until I was stuffed.

I ate food that was sending me little satisfaction.

I was feeling slow and bloated for the rest of the night.

In short, I did not eat optimally. Not by a long shot.

I used to beat myself up over nights like this. I saw these events as times when I messed up and fell off the wagon.

But now I have a different perspective. The truth is I need nights like this.
I need workouts that suck.
I need less than perfect days of eating.
I need weekends when I’m a slug and do little else but watch TV and play video games.

And so do you.

The thing with always eating right and exercising is that it’s easy to lose perspective on what we are working for.
We can get used to having energy and feeling good. Before too long the great things we strive for become the new norm and thus we can forget how fantastic those times are. With this loss of perspective comes a sense that we are working hard for little benefit. As if it’s just not worth it anymore.

By falling off here wagon once in a while, we can get back in touch with what we are working so hard for.

It helps us to appreciate those days when we feel on top of the world. After a night like this I’m going to appreciate tomorrow all the more when I’m back to feeling fresh and alive.

The next time you “mess up” don’t beat yourself up or even rush to undo the “damage.” Instead soak up the experience. It’s giving you a valuable perspective that makes the good times so much better and the motivation to go after those good times with a vengence.

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  1. Laurie Mackeson

    It’s amazing how someone I have never met can “have my back” so well. Great article/blog. Perfect at this point in time. You are legen…….. wait for it…….dary! LOL

  2. Laurie Mackeson

    For the first time (in I don’t know how long) I f’ed-up my diet and felt an uncomfortable amount of negative emotions. Long story short, it’s now morning, even though I feel flat, I don’t feel hungry. It’s going to be a day for ‘getting back to basics’. Make some good choices and learn from this situation. I would be interested to hear about a recent time when you/other Red Delta people have f’ed-up.

    1. Post

      In the world of Mt biking we have a saying.

      If you never crash you’re not pushing your limits.
      If you crash a lot, you’re not very good at learning your lessons or are just being stupid.
      But if you crash once in a while you’re right on the edge where you should be.

      Welcome to the edge Laurie.

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