April Challenge: Daily Bridges

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Bridges are one of the most important Kalisthenics moves out there. So important in fact, that all of my clients do some sort of bridging in almost every workout.

They protect your back, relieve stress, and improve your posture while boosting sports performance.

The only problem is they are not the sexiest move out there. It’s not like anyone posts pictures of them bridging on body building forums.

But bridge we must! No other exercise does for the body what the bridge can do.

That’s why my challenge for April is to do some amount of bridging every single day.

It don’t have to be much. It could just be a few hip thrusts in the morning before breakfast. But I’m betting dollars to donuts that daily bridging will do wonders I never even imagined!

Accept the challenge! Discover and learn along with me.

To help get you started I made this simple bridge progression video. It’s enough to get anyone started and feeling great in no time.

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