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The You vs. Yourself Myth

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You vs you. As productive as building sandcastles in the surf.

Our fitness culture is filled with this idea that getting in shape is a fight against the self.

It makes some sense though. When we fight cravings or fatigue it may feel as if the struggle is within.

However, feeling like the fight is within can cause you to rally against your only chance at success.

Listen in here and learn the flaws in the You vs You mentality.you vs you myth

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  1. Laurie Mackeson

    Matt – I am noticing a minor shift in the way health/fitness is being promoted in the media. Even though I (and I guess you would) agree with certain ‘FITNESS’ parts of it, the ‘INDEPENDENCE’ aspects are still glaringly missing. It is like they want us to have this ‘You Vs You’ battle happening because it is good for their ‘bottom line’. Your thoughts?? Laurie

    1. Post

      It’s kind of funny how the media recognizes the dangers of the You vs You mentality when it comes to things like body image. People recognize the idea that making people feel insecure about themselves drives down self esteem and a stronger impulse to buy crap they don’t need. This is why they rally against super thin models on the runway and such. But for some reason, a fitness article saying you have to fight yourself is highly acceptable.

      You vs You. It’s a dysfunctional attitude pure and simple.

  2. Rosie

    Another great podcast, Matt ~ I always feel inspired and liberated after listening to or reading about your common sense, gimmick-free approach to health & fitness.

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