Finally! What Fitness Independence is and is Not

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I began my joinery into Fitness Independence over 5 years ago.

Since day one, I’ve been perplexed to explain exactly what FI is and what makes it so special.

In today’s podcast I finally have a working construct of what makes FI what it is.

I also cover:

– The 3 sources of stress from conventional fitness methods.

– The E3 method. The 3 principals that allow you to be fit and live free.

– Plus a little rant against this idea that we are all so unique and different and why that’s a potentially dangerous belief to hold.

Stress and the E3

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  1. Laurie Mackeson

    Matt – I have taken just over a week to digest this blog and formulate my thoughts/response. Here is what I think Fitness Independence IS.

    Fitness Independence = Fitness & Independence

    Fitness = The state or condition of being fit; suitability or appropriateness.

    Independence = Not governed by a foreign power; self-governing.

    Therefore (according to my interpretation of the dictionary definitions above) F.I = Ones choice to put themselves in a state of fitness which they deem suitable and appropriate to their life AND having the power to be able to make those choices without the influence of others if they do not wish ‘interference’.

    The problematic part of this definition are the health related consequences of the choices that one make. In simple terms, increased risks of negative things (typically) occur with increasing ones weight/fat. But in saying that, injury and body ‘breakdown’ risks increase with (some) attemtps to reduce the risks of the former.

    Your thoughts on my forthoughts 🙂 Laurie

    1. Post

      You’re spot on (as always) Laurie.

      The act of being self governing is a massive part of FI. The freedom we strive for is based upon that foundation of responsibility. But you’re right There is always a risk involved with changing the body. I do my best to use methods with minimal risk, but it is always there.

      But when we take responsibility for ourselves we can tackle and use such risk better, or at least I think.

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