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  1. Laurie Mackeson

    Bloody awesome post there Matt

    Indeed! We should never underestimate what we can accomplish when we believe in ourselves! No matter who we are, we can go from doing nothing to something and then onto stronger forms of something as we grow in confidence and capacity.

    Good change requires a strong sense of self. Better change requires us to have someone assist + believe in us along the way.

    Have an awesome day buddy. Find a moment, even if it is 1 minute, to Rock on in a true F.R manner – Laurie

  2. Javier

    Matt, that is inspiration in it’s purest form.
    If anyone can watch that video without getting emotional then there is some soul searching to be done.
    Simply amazing!

  3. Laurie Mackeson

    One local media presentation (I saw a couple of days after my initial response) has already managed to take this story, which is primarily about an individual making choices to better his own life, in (partly) a direction about ‘selling’ the product which he used to get there. How typical of them. On a F.I ‘level’, I am/would be interested to see his progress after a longer period of time. To see ‘where’ he ‘took’ himself after the intial gain. Cheers!

    1. Post

      I like that idea Laurie! There should be a show about “where are they now” as it would relate to all sorts of fitness stars.

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