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What We Can Honestly Expect From Diet and Exercise Programs

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Yes, great changes are possible! Here’s the fine print:

Never before has the hype around diet and exercise programs been so…..well……hyped up.

Everything out there is the latest and greatest with promises that seem too good to be true.

To a degree, these promises do seem possible. After all, we do live in a time where new information about the human body is being discovered every day. Athletes are breaking records and the barriers are being broken down. Maybe, just maybe, the impossible really is possible.

But at the same time, much of the hype is just fluff that’s designed to scam people out of their money. People are no longer falling for the diet and exercise scams like they once were. Folks are more skeptical than ever.

The battle lines are drawn between truth and hopeful expectations. One day we are hopeful and the next we are skeptical.

This tug of way can create far too much stress. It can also be very dangerous.

If we are too skeptical we close off our minds to new potentially beneficial methods. But if we believe too much then we may be scammed out of time and money left and right.

To put some sense and order to the hype I created the following cheat sheet:

If you’re methods are going to bring big changes really quickly you can bet they sure won’t come easily.

If they are going to be big and come fairly easy then they will take a lot longer to happen.

And if you’re going to have quick and easy results they probably won’t be very big or pronounced.

If someone is promising you all three at the same time, there is a pretty good chance it’s either a scam or the person is a gluten for punishment.

You can also use this cheat sheet to figure out the best methods for your goals and preferences.

I personally enjoy big changes without devoting my whole life towards accomplishing them. So I’m fine with a long time table.

But if you need big changes really fast then resolve to go through hell to make them happen.

Pick the two you want the most and leave off the one you feel you can do without and you’ll have the foundation to your perfect game plan.


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    1. Post

      LOL of course Paulius. Heck, you can laminate the thing and post it in the employee lounge or the customer service center.

  1. Laurie Mackeson

    EASY…with a dash of FAST or BIG, depending on my situation. I’ve got into the habit of doing the things I enjoy that each time I try and do ‘HARD’ things, I hit a roadblock fairly quickly. Cheers

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