Add This Simple Ingredient for Super Satisfying Salads

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So you’re trying to eat healthy and salads have been a big of a challenge for you.

You know they can be a nutritional power house, but it’s that whole satisfaction thing, that’s kind of an important, seems to be missing.

You got protein?


How about a little fat like oil and cheese?


Lots of variety so it’s not just rabbit food?

Sure thing.

So what’s missing?

How about adding some spice!

My latest favorite salad addition is pickled jalapeño. Just a little of that mixed in with your greens will add loads of taste and satiety.

Give it a shot. It just might make buying a pallet of pickled jalapeño seem justifiable.

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  1. Laurie Mackeson

    Matt – Been undertaking my own experiments in this regard.

    I am lucky my wife was gifted a set of 30+ different seasonsings/spices. Flavours aside, my favourite foods to add them to are; Soup, Fish, Salads, Rice, Pasta, Pizza just to name the most common.

    It is vital to learn how to fill ones body with energy without eating/drinking the energy. Spices are a great ‘pick-me-up’ item in such that the energy I feel when I eat ‘with’ them is not represented in the cal/kJ in the item. Win-Win. Great idea for a eating challenge Matt!

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