How to Be A Fitness Badass

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Being a badass in fitness is very similar to fitness independence.

They are both largely made up of the same principals and characteristics.

In this week’s podcast we explore:

– The 3 components to the Fitness badass lifestyle.

– Why science and knowledge of fitness alone isn’t nearly enough.

– Why you can’t just follow any program by the letter and be fit and live free, or be a true badass.

fitness badass


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  1. Laurie Mackeson

    Awesome podcast Matt! Being ‘in-shape’ is just enough and being a ‘Bad-Ass’ is a necessary luxary. To me a ‘Bad-Ass’ is ANYONE who achieves beyond their previous best and is not limited by ANYTHING. It is not even limited to just exercise/eating. There are no barriers to doing better than you have done in the past.


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