The Complete Carport Home Gym For less Than $100

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Believe it or not, this is one of the best places to build your new home gym.

I just put the finishing touches on my new home gym.

Building this gym took me just under an hour and I have everything I could need to build a stronger and more capable body that’s all about kicking butt and taking names.

I’m living proof that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to build a home gym that delivers the goods. Whenever people tell me they don’t have the money or the space for a home gym I just chuckle to myself.

I have far less space and resources than most folks, trust me. Even buying a few songs on iTunes is a major purchase for me. But that doesn’t stop me NO SIR!

The carport or open garage is actually prime gym space.

– It allows you to exercise “out doors” in all kinds of weather.

– You have lots of space to move as well as walls and a roof you can hang stuff from.

– Body weight based equipment allows for quick and easy set up so you can still use the space to park your vehicle there.

– You get to show off a bit for the neighbors while working out. 🙂

Everyone talks about garage gyms and basement gyms and how they are so great. Well you’ve heard it here first! The new trend is the carport home gym!

Check out this video for a complete tour!

If you’ve ever dreamed of building a home gym then the time is now my friend. You already have most everything you need.

I hope this video gives you some inspiration. If you have any questions give a holla down below!

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  1. Laurie Mackeson

    Hey Matt! My Fit Rebel Gym is open for business for its 2nd Winter this year. It has “roller doors” at each end, a 30m driveway outside (at one end) and a nice patch of green grass and lovely tropical trees out the other. The worst part is listening to my beloved (car) talk to me in the morning as I push her out of the comfort each morning to make room for my kick-butt sessions! Loved the video! Gave me a couple of useful ideas. BTW: been implementing chin-ups with a towel into my sessions. It’s only taken 6months to go the extra yard. LOL

    1. Post

      LOL yes maybe 6 months, but time well spent I assure you. I haven’t done towel pull ups in a while. I’ll have to make them a priority for tomorrow morning!

  2. Jaron

    I was wondering, It rains a lot where I live and I was thinking I should at least get some sort of covering for my “Fit Rebel” gym. I’ve been looking at carports like this place: do you have any recommendations? Height, weight, different excersices I could do with them? Thanks ahead.

    1. Post

      I like the idea of building a custom structure like the ones in the site you mentioned. That way you can build in your posts and walls to accommodate your workout.
      The key is to keep it simple. Just some support beams, a roof and some sort of method to hang some straps or rings is all you need. I do recommend having a hanging system that you can adjust the width of the rings or straps to add variety and intensity to your training. So attachments points you can reach would be a plus. Good luck Jaron and be sure to take a pic of the place when you’re done. I would love to see how it turns out.

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