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  1. Laurie Mackeson

    Matt – Glad you stated it was a rant. Otheriwse I would not have known 😉

    Before I learned about ‘Relative Calorie Balance’, I used to play sport/exercise because I liked it. Even though I was achieving that goal, my increasing size over time meant I was eating more than I needed (read: more than I was expending). As my size/weight crept higher, to which I was not really aware of for quiet some time (except for a few passing comments from friends) I was pushing myself harder because I had my mind/eyes on ‘the clock’. I was constantly thinking about running faster (not decreasing in size).

    NOW (at 33yrs old) I have the ‘Bet Fit AND Live Free’ mentality, I have some particular performance goals BUT I plan to (on an average day) MATCH those results but putting as little in my body as possible. Obviously if I don’t eat the QUALITY and QUANTITY of calories + adequate rest, my body/mind will not ‘let’ me reach those goals.

    Coming to terms with how the Athlete/Body Builder Dichotomy applies to me has been a driving force in my progress. I am now going in the direction I want to more often. Where I used to think of it as a ‘VS’ context, I now see it as an ‘AND’ relationship. I can do body, just a question of how much of each type over any given time.

    I hope these comments make sense to others and aren’t just a way for me to thrash out my own learnings.

    Cheers – Laurie

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