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Exercise Will Make You Fat! (A Rant)

This barbell is actually making his problem worse

Didn’t you know that one of the most fattening things you can do is workout?

It’s true and I detail how in this rant style video:

The Fit RebelExercise Will Make You Fat! (A Rant)

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  1. Laurie Mackeson

    Matt – Glad you stated it was a rant. Otheriwse I would not have known 😉

    Before I learned about ‘Relative Calorie Balance’, I used to play sport/exercise because I liked it. Even though I was achieving that goal, my increasing size over time meant I was eating more than I needed (read: more than I was expending). As my size/weight crept higher, to which I was not really aware of for quiet some time (except for a few passing comments from friends) I was pushing myself harder because I had my mind/eyes on ‘the clock’. I was constantly thinking about running faster (not decreasing in size).

    NOW (at 33yrs old) I have the ‘Bet Fit AND Live Free’ mentality, I have some particular performance goals BUT I plan to (on an average day) MATCH those results but putting as little in my body as possible. Obviously if I don’t eat the QUALITY and QUANTITY of calories + adequate rest, my body/mind will not ‘let’ me reach those goals.

    Coming to terms with how the Athlete/Body Builder Dichotomy applies to me has been a driving force in my progress. I am now going in the direction I want to more often. Where I used to think of it as a ‘VS’ context, I now see it as an ‘AND’ relationship. I can do body, just a question of how much of each type over any given time.

    I hope these comments make sense to others and aren’t just a way for me to thrash out my own learnings.

    Cheers – Laurie

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