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The Root Cause of Building Muscle and Strength 2.0

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If there was a single best way to train for strength and muscle, what are the chances everyone with a body like this is doing the exact same routine?

Achieving muscle seems pretty simple.

You simply exercise to become stronger and the muscle will come.

Problem is, there are so many different types of strength out there, how do you know which strength to go after?

In this week’s podcast I dive into why having a narrow focus of not just what you do, but how you do it will hold back your potential.

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  1. Paulius

    It is all true and dandy.
    We need to work on all three or four
    But, to do what, concretely?
    Convict conditioning?
    Maxalding 🙂 (I know the answer to this one,
    thanks to you)
    raise out of my bed several times?
    Anything that hits my fancy?

    1. Post

      Good questions indeed Paulius.

      Check out the latest podcast for the new idea I have on something called Body Data. Body Data; it tells your body to be in the shape you want it to be in, according to your specific goals.

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