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Body Data and the Myth of Working Out

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The idea that the body only receives information to change and operate during the workout is  entirely untrue.

The reality is that your body is constantly receiving “instructions” on how it should function and operate. It’s always learning and being conditioned 24/7.

I like to call these signals and instructions “body data”.

Every single movement you do, from drumming your fingers to pushing a car is educating your body with body data.

As you sit and read this you are in effect telling your mind to still be able to read these words. As you sit in the chair you’re sending signals through your body to be able to sit and maintain that position.

This is important because we can sometimes believe that some exercises or activities are more important than others.  That somehow the body data is more effective if we are in a special setting or following a particular routine.

For example, I used to believe that somehow doing cardio in a gym was more effective than going out and walking the dog.

I thought that the calories and activity counted more if I was in the gym, sweating and working my tail off on a spin bike. It was a workout after all, and walking the dog was just well….walking the dog.

But 100 calories on the bike was the same as 100 calories walking the dog. Just because riding the bike happened in a specific time and place, with special equipment that didn’t mean it was any more important.

Another example was when I would practice my Taekwon-Do kicks in the kitchen while waiting for the water to boil. I use to believe that kicking, in class and in uniform was more important, but it wasn’t. Practicing 10 kicks is practicing 10 kicks regardless if its in class or if I’m killing time.

As long as the body data is there, the body will be trained and conditioned regardless of any other circumstances.

Also keep in mind that the body data that often has the biggest impact of my body is the activity we are not aware of.

It’s very common for people to be aware of the body data they’re programming their body with only during workouts, but they are oblivious to what they are telling their body through the rest of the day.

Often times it’s the information that is being told to the body on a more consistent basis that has the highest fact on our health and well-being.

This includes how we stand, sit, walk, breath, and carry things like a tool bag on the job.

The workout is nothing unique or special. It’s simply a dedicated time to direct and download specific body data towards a specific goal.

But you don’t have to have a workout to do that. You can do it just by standing up on one leg while tying a shoe. You can do a few pull ups as you walk by the pull up bar. Or you can crank out some push ups while watching TV.

You might think “But those are such minor things! They can’t really have an effect.”

But they do have an effect because the body data is there. Or another way of looking at it is that the push ups you did in the gym weren’t really as effective as you may have thought.

The Body data is the same either way.

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  1. Kiya Krier

    How true!! I work part time on the cleaning crew at a large gym. Throughout the day, I pick up large trash cans full of wet towels and dump them into a larger bin, load them into washers, flip them over to dryers. I don’t even know how many times. One day, a member watched me dump an overflowing can and remarked, “Wow, you must be really strong!” It got me thinking. Picking up that bin used to be a struggle. Now it’s a piece of cake. I’ve built strength, not by hitting the weights, but through real-life actions! Kind of relates to what you’re writing about.

    1. Post

      Boom! There’s a perfect example right there. Reminded me of my old boss who never worked out but moved heavy freight around by hand for years. She was stronger than I was when it came to delivering treadmills, even though I worked out like crazy.
      You rock Kiya!

  2. evilcyber

    Thank you for this article! You just about took the words out of mouth!

    These days, so many people believe that “fitness” you have to go somewhere or buy something to do it and then have the time to actually go through with it.

    But all those gyms, the expensive fitness gear and workout plans are just substitutes for letting your body do what it was meant do: move and work against resistance, no matter where you are.

    1. Post

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