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Why Boring Exercises Produce The Most Exciting Results

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The push up might not be very fancy and exotic, which is why its so damn effecive.

I’m like a lot of folks who get distracted by new and fancy things.

But when it comes to getting the most from my workouts, I rely on the most basic and “boring” exercises known to man.

I’m talking about push ups, pull ups, running, squats, lifting and carrying.

If I wrote up one of my workouts, you might fall asleep reading it. The exercises and the programing is nothing more interesting than reading a phone book.

It may not seem exotic, but the truth of the matter is that the most basic moves produce the most outstanding outcomes.

This is why:


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  1. pierre

    Pull-ups,dips on rings and pitols is what i am doing everthyday.Exercise has no need to be complicated but the marketing is there to sell expensive and complicated programs.My program i simple and it get the job done.Bro another great video.

    1. Post
  2. CJ Appenzeller

    Hit the nail on the head here Matt. No matter which shiny piece of equipment or new product has the best commercial, the BASICS will ALWAYS be the most effective. Keep killin’ it.

    P.S. I’ve been through one of Matt’s “boring workouts” and he had me ready to puke and pass out and the same time.

    1. Post

      I was reminiscing about that workout today. That was so much fun. Especially since we were the only ones who were there to get it done in the early AM. (*long distance fist bump*)

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