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The Importance of Comfort in Hard Core Training

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Okay, maybe not that sort of comfort, but being as comfortable as possible is key in maximizing result producing workouts.

Believe it or not, your personal comfort is incredibly important when it comes to blasting past new PRs and achieving ever higher levels of fitness.

Forget the macho tough-guy attitude that any sort of discomfort will help you get the body you want.

Adding random and needless discomfort will do nothing but greatly hold you back.

Listen in to this week’s podcast:

– Why your body was built for progressive calisthenics and unilateral exercise.

– Why strong and stable bilateral exercise have limited functional carry over to sports and everyday life.

– Why pain and discomfort actually blocks the very stimulation that tells your body to get in better shape.

the importance of comfort

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      That too. But no, Paval has a book called relax into stretch hat deals with this idea. It’s good, but not quite as good as Naked Warrior

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