The Red Delta Project was created to make a healthy lifestyle available to everybody regardless of their preferences, lifestyle, or resources.

Until now, getting in shape has only been a luxury for the few who possess the willingness and resources to shoe-horn themselves into popular diet and exercise dogmas. In the past, building muscle meant using costly gym equipment and punishing training. Losing weight meant forsaking pleasure and desire to “eat right” while doing exhaustive exercise. Above all, getting in shape meant compromising your lifestyle to follow the rules┬ásomeone else laid out for you.

The R.D.P is a line in the sand between the compromises you thought you had to make, and the natural principles that make fitness possible for you no matter who you are.

Everything on this site covers one of the following 3 topics:

#1- Fitness Independence. This is the basic philosophy that gives you the power to get in shape on your own terms.

#2- Smart Calisthenics Training. Condition your body towards any objective you wish without the need for a gym or costly equipment.

#3- Healthy Eating. Escape the black and white world of dietary dogmas that claim restriction and deprivation are the keys to health.

There’s more to the R.D.P than this site:

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