About Healthy Eating

The chief aim of Healthy Eating is to help you develop skills that finally make the modern diet beneficial for both your body and mind.

Popular dietary philosophies focus on weight loss or “eating clean” through excluding certain foods or ingredients from the diet. This approach is usually referred to as “eating right” since they involve following the rules of an artificial dietary dogma. While these approaches can bring some benefit, they fall drastically short due to their limited and costly rules.

Healthy eating embraces dietary inclusion rather than exclusion. This is because a healthy diet comes from what you do eat and why you eat it rather than what you don’t eat and why you shouldn’t eat it.


Another benefit of healthy eating is the positive relationship it fosters between you and food. Whereas eating right advocates fighting your cravings and desires, healthy eating is about listening to your desires and learning how to satisfy them as effectively as possible.

You can learn more about healthy eating in my book Fitness Independence. Also, check out the post on Calorie Hacking for Fat loss:

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