The Bigger Chest & Triceps Workout

I’ve been playing around with a workout style that combines two classic muscle building strategies: – Pre-exhaustion – Drop sets Pre-exhaustion is a great way to give a lagging muscle group a little extra love while drop sets are a time-tested way to ensure a large group of muscles (ie …

The Fit RebelThe Bigger Chest & Triceps Workout

Build More Muscle With Push Ups

One of the secrets to unlocking more muscle building tension in your pushing chain is in your back. Your back muscles serve as the foundation for setting your shoulders in an optimal position to ensure that beautiful muscle building tension goes right into your muscles while staying away from your …

The Fit RebelBuild More Muscle With Push Ups

Are Planks Just as Bad as Crunches?

Do you remember when the crunch was the core exercise of choice? Everyone and their mom did thousands of the damn things for hours and then bragged about it on their My Space page. Thankfully, we’ve wised up a bit and realized all of those crunches cost far too much …

The Fit RebelAre Planks Just as Bad as Crunches?

The $25 DIY Suspension Trainer

  I’ve spent years obsessed over building my own suspension straps for various reasons: – I can build them to be exactly what I want. – I can save money. – I’m not terribly impressed with most of the trainers on the market. I’ve always believed I can, and have …

The Fit RebelThe $25 DIY Suspension Trainer

How to Kill Workout Boredom

  Boredom kills your ability to progress and advance your workouts. No matter how hard you’re pushing yourself, a boring workout is only slightly better than worthless. It kills you mental edge.  It kills your drive and desire. It kills your focus. Not to mention it’s also a total bear …

The Fit RebelHow to Kill Workout Boredom

2 Arm Blasting Body Weight Exercises From Hell

  These two moves are hands-down the best way I know of for focusing and blasting the hell out of your biceps and triceps. These take a little practice to get the technique down, but once you get comfortable with them I promise you’ll be able to push your muscles …

The Fit Rebel2 Arm Blasting Body Weight Exercises From Hell

Exercise Technique Isn’t Everything prt2

    In the last post I wrote about the three essential aspects of technical exercise. There are no other aspects of any exercise that are more important than position, muscle activation and balance. Now I know what your’e all thinking. What about how much weight you lift? How about …

The Fit RebelExercise Technique Isn’t Everything prt2

Are Isolation Exercises Holding You Back?

  My initial workouts were heavily focused on exercises that would isolate the muscles I wanted to grow. Looking back, I now believe these moves actually held back my progress even once I focused on compound movements. The tricky thing about muscle isolation is the fact that the body likes to use muscles …

The Fit RebelAre Isolation Exercises Holding You Back?

Muscle Targeting Myths

  Ever since body building hit the scene, people have been chopping the body into little muscle groups. It’s practically become scripture that if you want bigger biceps then you need to target your biceps. If you want a killer booty then you better target those Glutes. Sure muscle targeting …

The Fit RebelMuscle Targeting Myths

Volume Creep is Workout Poison

More is not always better, especially when it comes to your workout. Just adding more endless sets to your routine can cause what is known as volume creep. Volume creep is one of those false ideals that runs rampant throughout our fitness culture. It makes us believe we are getting …

The Fit RebelVolume Creep is Workout Poison

This TRX Shoulder Exercise Replaces 4 Dumbbell Exercises

  When it comes to working the shoulders, nothing beats handstand work. That said, sometimes you want to target the deltoids. With dumbbells you have a lot of exercises to choose from which can target the shoulders from different angles. It can be very precise but it can also take …

The Fit RebelThis TRX Shoulder Exercise Replaces 4 Dumbbell Exercises

2 Twists on the TRX Rear Fly

  The TRX rear fly is one of the best ways to target your shoulders and upper back. Use these two little twists to further target either the rear deltoids or the traps and rhomboids.  

The Fit Rebel2 Twists on the TRX Rear Fly

Don’t Do Weighted Calisthenics Until You Read this

Adding more weight to your body weight exercise may seem simple enough, but there are a few risks to be aware of. The first issue is that you shouldn’t sacrifice your technique in the name of greater loads. Using a shorter range of motion or different body position doesn’t always …

The Fit RebelDon’t Do Weighted Calisthenics Until You Read this

Why Your Grip Makes or Breaks Your Total Body Strength

Your total body strength is often limited by your grip strength. The other day I was at the Denver Museum of Science and Natural History and they had a fun little challenge testing your ability to hang off of a ledge. It was a neat set up where there was …

The Fit RebelWhy Your Grip Makes or Breaks Your Total Body Strength

Abs Are NOT Made in the Kitchen

  There are always a lot of myths about six pack abs and core training. Some of the latest are: “Diet is 90% of your results” “Abs are made in the kitchen” “You are what you eat” Blah blah blah… Sure diet is important and all, and yes you aren’t …

The Fit RebelAbs Are NOT Made in the Kitchen

Intense Strap and TRX Sit Ups

  Your TRX or suspension straps are one of the best core training tools available.   While this move might not look like much, it’s really a sure-fire way to blast the abs. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it for a few workouts!  

The Fit RebelIntense Strap and TRX Sit Ups

How to Avoid Junk Exercise and Workouts

  We all know the pit falls of so-called junk food, but how many folks are standing guard against junk workouts or junk exercise? Junk food can leave you feeling satisfied, it can be enjoyable to eat, but the long term progress and benefits are negligible. The same can be …

The Fit RebelHow to Avoid Junk Exercise and Workouts

2 Essential Tips For TRX Biceps Curls

  There are few tools that work your arms like suspension straps or a TRX. For my money, no other tools can target and work the arms like straps, especialy with all of the different attachments I’ve built But the tools are only a small part of the effect. The technique …

The Fit Rebel2 Essential Tips For TRX Biceps Curls

You Can’t Build Muscle Until You’re Stronger

  I’ve long said that strength doesn’t come from muscle. Muscle comes from strength. There are a number of meanings behind this saying. The first one is that it pays reference to your inner strength, the power that comes from within when the going gets tough. For when your muscles …

The Fit RebelYou Can’t Build Muscle Until You’re Stronger

Build Stronger Legs with a Block of Wood

I’ve always loved simple solutions that can quickly and easily make an already great exercise even better. This video is one of my latest discoveries on how I use a simple block of wood to instantly improve even the worst squat technique.  

The Fit RebelBuild Stronger Legs with a Block of Wood