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The Most Cost Effective Ways To Burn Fat & Calories

I just found this infographic over at and had to share it with you. Here at the R.D.P just getting in shape isn’t enough. We’re all about doing it in an efficient manner so you get the most benefit from the lowest lifestyle costs. This little graphic showcases some of …

The Fit RebelThe Most Cost Effective Ways To Burn Fat & Calories
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End Workout Boredom Forever

Boring workouts suck! They suck your time, your energy and even your potential to see results. Boring workouts require far more effort on your part but give you only a slightly effective workout at best. A lot of folks resort to magazines or watching things on a screen to distract …

The Fit RebelEnd Workout Boredom Forever
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Advanced Body Weight Training Tip #2

Here’s a great trick to put into your technical progression tool bag. Pause at the bottom and the top of each rep of any repetition strength style exercise. The reason is simple. As you lower yourself down your muscles store energy much like a coiled spring. When you start lifting yourself …

The Fit RebelAdvanced Body Weight Training Tip #2
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Don’t Punish Yourself in Diet & Exercise

Is it just me, or is there just a little too much self abuse going on in our fitness culture as of late? It seems like everywhere I turn someone is admonishing themselves (either physically or verbally) for eating something or not doing something in their workout. All of this …

The Fit RebelDon’t Punish Yourself in Diet & Exercise
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The Crux of Diet and Exercise Gadgets

These days there are many technologies to help you measure everything from the steps you take to how much sleep get each night. I wonder though if all of this information is always a good thing. Do we really need spreadsheets of data to lose a few pounds? Since when …

The Fit RebelThe Crux of Diet and Exercise Gadgets
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Why Do You Care About How Much You Weigh?

For the life of me, I just can’t understand people’s fascination with weight. On one side we have people (mostly women) who live and die by the scale and want that number to be as low as possible. On the other side (mostly men) do anything and everything to try …

The Fit RebelWhy Do You Care About How Much You Weigh?
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Ultimate Strength Through Calisthenics

Body weight exercise is not often associated with aspects of immense strength and power. If anything, calisthenics are usually reserved for endurance or “toning” while methods like heavy weight lifting are more associated with raw strength. In this week’s podcast I cover why absolute raw strength is so very important …

The Fit RebelUltimate Strength Through Calisthenics
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This is Old School Abs!

Today’s video get’s right to the root of building an impressive set of abs. Now, I’m not exactly a six-pack type of guy. I don’t like the idea of training my body all for show and no go which is exactly what a lot of six pack training is all …

The Fit RebelThis is Old School Abs!
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Killing Busy Work in Fitness

I’ve read more than a few books on productivity. Almost every book has at least a few pages dedicated to the idea of eliminating busy work during the work day. Examples include shuffling paper work, checking email, cleaning and organising things, getting coffee, chit chat and so on. If you …

The Fit RebelKilling Busy Work in Fitness
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When Setting A Goal Isn’t Doing You Any Good

I’ve heard some folks refer to the practice of setting goals as an almost magical experience. Supposedly writing it down and reviewing it on a regular basis is part of the magic. The idea being that if you set a specific, realistic and time sensitive goal (and write it down) …

The Fit RebelWhen Setting A Goal Isn’t Doing You Any Good

The Magic Behind Working Out Twice a Day

I’m writing this post in Colorado Springs, home of the USA Olympic Training Center and the NSCA training association. I tell ya, nothing kicks your butt more than doing a simple thing at altitude. I raced up a 5 story tall flight of stairs and nearly keeled over at the …

The Fit RebelThe Magic Behind Working Out Twice a Day
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This is Why Your Body Is Fighting You

You can’t fight yourself and win. That’s my mantra and I believe it right to my core. How can you possibly fight yourself and win? That being said, sometimes it can feel like your body is indeed fighting you and resiting the changes you wish to see. You may even …

The Fit RebelThis is Why Your Body Is Fighting You
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Body Weight Leg Extension Exercise

  The body weight world typically shuns the idea of isolation exercises in favor of compound work. While I agree compound exercises bring the lions share of the results, there is still a time and place for focus on certain areas of the body. Hamstrings are highly focused through suspension strap curls, …

The Fit RebelBody Weight Leg Extension Exercise
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A New Perspective on Diet & Exercise Discipline

Discipline isn’t a term that often concurs up thoughts of freedom and liberation. If anything, people sometimes may associate it with self imposed denial or sacrifice. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Discipline is a corner stone of Fitness Independence. It holds the key to both your fitness …

The Fit RebelA New Perspective on Diet & Exercise Discipline
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Why Plateaus and Set Backs Lead to Fitness Progress

I’ve often heard of making progress in fitness like breaking through a barrier or smashing through some sort of limits. This analogy is very good in more ways than one. Think about breaking through to new levels like this: Imagine a great medieval battle where some foot soldiers are trying to break …

The Fit RebelWhy Plateaus and Set Backs Lead to Fitness Progress