What is Fitness Independence?

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My name is Matt Schifferle and I believe in Fitness Independence.

Fitness Independence isn’t a special diet or workout program. It’s about shedding 99% of the trivial diet and exercise habits that tax the quality of your lifestyle with little to no benefit to you.  By focusing on the 1% of what’s most important, you stand to gain far better results at a fraction of the cost to your lifestyle.

Fitness Independence has more to offer you than just a body that looks great and performs even better. It also offers you the freedom to live your life on your own terms. You can enjoy the lifestyle you like and still get the body you want.

My approaches to healthy eating gives you the power to lose weight, stay lean and never have to worry about food ever again. The efficient bodyweight based exercise methods mean you’ll build a complete level of fitness without ever needing to step foot in a gym or fill your home with needless equipment.

The best place to get started is with the Triad Muscle Revolution, the free exercise program that offers a complete workout with only 3 exercises. You can also contact me with any questions you may have.

Welcome my friend and as always,

Be Fit & Live free!

-Matt Schifferle



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