Fitness Independence isn’t a special diet or workout program. It’s about shedding 99% of the trivial diet and exercise habits that tax the quality of your lifestyle with little to no benefit to you.  By focusing on the 1% of what’s most important, you stand to gain far better results at a fraction of the cost.

Fitness Independence has more to offer than just a body that looks great and performs even better. It also offers you the freedom to live your life on your own terms. You can enjoy the lifestyle you like and still get the body you want.

Fitness no longer has to come at the expense of your daily lifestyle. Now your diet and exercise habits can be focused on enhancing your lifestyle rather than taking over your daily life.

The Freedom of Body Weight Training


Bodyweight based exercise and calisthenics form the foundation to the Fitness Independence philosophy. This style of training delivers all of the benefits of world class training while using your lifestyle resources in a very efficient and flexible way.

You’re free to train anywhere, at any time and fully customize your workouts to suit your goals. It’s a myth that body weight training produces limited results. As with all forms of training, you’re only limited by your own knowledge and skill. You’re completely free to pursue any objective you like from fat and calorie torching workouts to muscle and strength building torture sessions. Whatever destination you seek ,body weight training is the most efficient vehicle you can use to get you there.


The Freedom of Diet- Free Healthy Eating


The Red Delta Project is all about the skill of healthy eating.

I should clarify that healthy eating is not about “eating right.”

Where as eating right is about adhering to dietary rules and controls, healthy eating is about developing skills that bring you 100% satisfaction and fulfillment with zero negative consequences. It’s not about sticking to the rules in a diet book but rather eating habits that perfectly fulfill both your physical and emotional desires.

Understanding and fulfilling your dietary needs is by far the most effective way to be fit and live free. It ensures you gain the most enjoyment and satisfaction from food while avoiding needless lifestyle costs. It makes food, all food, your best ally rather than your greatest enemy.

- Eat whatever you want.

- Eat as much as you want.

- Eat whenever you want.

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Combining fitness results with lifestyle freedom might seem like a pipe dream, a made up fantasy at first. However, the opposite is the case. The eternal principals of Mother Nature actually mean Fitness Independence is more likely to become a reality than the possibility of success through following the  diet and exercise fads someone dreamed up and wrote a book about a few years ago.

Thus, Fitness Independence is not only a more enjoyable and flexible path to travel but it may just be the safest, shortest and most reliable route between where you are now and where you ultimately want to be.

The Fit RebelWhat is Fitness Independence?