The Fixed Bar Bodyweight Biceps Curl

Some of the best arm exercises are body weight moves and this is no exception. Like tiger bends, and floor triceps extensions, this fixed bar curl keeps your hands still while moving your entire body against gravity. This creates a lot of potential tension in your biceps while also sparing …

The Fit RebelThe Fixed Bar Bodyweight Biceps Curl
triceps extension

Body Weight Triceps Extension

This is one of the best triceps exercises bar-none. It also happens to be one of those body weight moves that doesn’t require anything other than the floor and a bucket full of determination. Give this workout a shot: -3 sets of extensions for 15 reps with 60 seconds rest …

The Fit RebelBody Weight Triceps Extension

Why Your Grip Makes or Breaks Your Total Body Strength

Your total body strength is often limited by your grip strength. The other day I was at the Denver Museum of Science and Natural History and they had a fun little challenge testing your ability to hang off of a ledge. It was a neat set up where there was …

The Fit RebelWhy Your Grip Makes or Breaks Your Total Body Strength
Matt Schifferle playground strait bar dips

Why Body Weight Training Builds Such a Sexy Physique #3

  While progressive calisthenics  is one of the most challenging of body weight skills, it’s also one the most rewarding when it comes to sculpting a killer physique. I credit this with the fact that progressive calisthenics requires your technical abilities to improve to reach higher levels of strength. If …

The Fit RebelWhy Body Weight Training Builds Such a Sexy Physique #3
MMA fighters

This is Why Your Body Is Fighting You

You can’t fight yourself and win. That’s my mantra and I believe it right to my core. How can you possibly fight yourself and win? That being said, sometimes it can feel like your body is indeed fighting you and resiting the changes you wish to see. You may even …

The Fit RebelThis is Why Your Body Is Fighting You
leg ext.

Body Weight Leg Extension Exercise

  The body weight world typically shuns the idea of isolation exercises in favor of compound work. While I agree compound exercises bring the lions share of the results, there is still a time and place for focus on certain areas of the body. Hamstrings are highly focused through suspension strap curls, …

The Fit RebelBody Weight Leg Extension Exercise
weighted push up with weight plate

The Risk and Benefit of Adding Weight to Body Weight Exercises

Yes, it looks impressive but……….. So you’re getting pretty proficient at body weight exercise and you’re thinking of adding a little extra weight to spice things up a bit. Adding extra wait to body weight exercise is a great way to add intensity to your basic movements. However there are …

The Fit RebelThe Risk and Benefit of Adding Weight to Body Weight Exercises
body data

Body Data and the Myth of Working Out

  The idea that the body only receives information to change and operate during the workout is  entirely untrue. The reality is that your body is constantly receiving “instructions” on how it should function and operate. It’s always learning and being conditioned 24/7. I like to call these signals and …

The Fit RebelBody Data and the Myth of Working Out

Why The Pull Up Is #1 For a Sexy Physique

We all wanna look good naked and have a sexy body. Unfortunately, when our attention turns to exercises for beauty, we tend to only focus on moves we think are going to help us look good. The pull ups is always playing second fiddle to other techniques but it’s essential …

The Fit RebelWhy The Pull Up Is #1 For a Sexy Physique

Why You’re Only as Strong as Your Grip

There is one area of your body that is holding all of the keys to building your upper body. Make it strong and healthy and strength can be yours. But if it’s weak and unusable there is absolutely zero hope for you to build a strong and statuesque body. Period.

The Fit RebelWhy You’re Only as Strong as Your Grip
body building

Body Building / Sculpting Uncensored

Body building (or body sculpting) is the single most common reason people take up exercise. The trouble is, most of the folks who are engaged in body building don’t even know it, and those that do get lost in the maze of lies, myths and half truths. If you’ve ever …

The Fit RebelBody Building / Sculpting Uncensored
bicep muscle

Body Weight Exercises for Biceps

One of my first jumps into suspension training was when I discovered how great it was for the arm muscles. Here is an example of a simple workout that scorches the biceps by using your body weight:  

The Fit RebelBody Weight Exercises for Biceps