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A Fun New Workout Style

It’s the middle of November and that means it’s the middle of my  exclusive Dip and Pull up challenge. Since I’ve been doing nothing but dips and pull ups for my upper body I’ve adopted a whole new training style I think you’re going to love. You can use it …

The Fit RebelA Fun New Workout Style
weighted pull up

The Art and Risk of Weighted Calisthenics

loaded calisthenics can be a very effective means of adding intensity to your body weight training. That being said, there is a significant risk to all loaded calisthenics and it can undermine your progress and limit your potential. loaded calisthenics Podcast: Play in new window | Download

The Fit RebelThe Art and Risk of Weighted Calisthenics
tree pull up

Why Pull Ups Make You Awesome

Just going to throw it out there;Pull ups are cool and awesome. Being that they are such, they also make anyone who does them cool and awesome. That’s why they are in nearly every movie training montage. They are an impressive thing to whiteness and automatically convey strength and power …

The Fit RebelWhy Pull Ups Make You Awesome
pull up

Why I’ll Never Do Another Chin-Up Again

Different theories exist over what makes a pull up and chin up different. Some say it’s grip, some say it’s range of motion. In this video I give my own 2 cents and why I really believe the pull-up is superior to the chin-up.

The Fit RebelWhy I’ll Never Do Another Chin-Up Again