11 Fitness Great Opportunities You Can Use Right Now

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Today’s message is simple;

Every minute of every day you are surrounded by loads of opportunity to become more fit.

– Every time you eat you can choose to improve your healthy eating skills.

– Your environment is filled with resources for calisthenics and body weight exercise. Even a simple flight of stairs can become a versatile piece of exercise equipment.

– The Internet is saturated with videos on how to eat healthier, work smarter and do what you do better.

– Chances are you know at least one person who’s done what you’re trying to do. What’s stopping you from inviting them to coffee so you can learn from them?

– Every time you move your body is an opportunity to study and listen to what your body is telling you.

– There are loads of books available at Amazon.com filled with decades of knowledge and experience you can learn from. Many of these books are available for less than $5 and can be downloaded instantly.

– Itunes has a boat-load of pod-casts all about how to do what you want to do better. They are free and just waiting for you to download them.

– Every grocery store has far more dietary and nutritional goodies than you’ll ever need in  10 lifetimes. Why not explore some of these delights to get more from your diet?

– Recipes and cooking tips are all over the place just waiting for you to try and discover some new healthy eating treasures.

– Cooking and preparing food has never been so convenient as it is today. You can prepare a meal in less than 20 minutes what would have taken your grandparents hours to make.

I’m always here ready to answer whatever questions you may have.

Many folks will say that our modern society has made it harder to stay in shape, but the fact is you’ve never had it so good. Fitness opportunity is all around you and it’s never been easier to take advantage of it. The only thing stopping you is a failure to recognize it and to take action.

Don’t wait! Pick 2-3 things from the list above and tackle them within the next few hours.