3 Best Strap Exercises for Bigger Biceps

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I love doing biceps exercises on suspension straps. I even preferred them over free weight curls back before I was made the switch to progressive calisthenics.

There are many biceps exercises you can do on suspension straps. Over the years, I’ve found 3 moves that work a lot better than all of the others. These include the scoop curl, the clutch curl, and the wide clutch curl.

Check them out in the video below and try them out in this little routine that’s sure to smoke your biceps:

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-Clutch or wide clutch curl 10 reps
-Pull up variation for 10 reps
-Scooping curl for 12 reps.
-Recline row for 15 reps.

Run through this circuit 3 times with 1 minute of rest between each round.

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