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3 Big Muscle Building Advantages Of Getting Older

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They say you can’t build muscle when you’re older. HA!!! That’s total Bullshivick! In fact, there are 3 massive muscle building advantages that can only come with age.

These aren’t just any a few minor advantages either. I’m talking super-massive black hole size muscle building advantages that can make all the difference in the world! The best thing is, these advantages can get even bigger the older you get!

Don’t listen to those fools who say you can’t build muscle past 25, 30, 40 or even 40 years of age. Your best muscle building years may still be ahead of you for the following 3 reasons.

#1 Metabolic Slowdown

Human metabolism slows down a little bit with age. While a washed up high-school football star may see this as the reason for his beer-gut you can use it to your muscle building advantage.

This can certainly be to the advantage of the typical “hard gainer” who’s the classic burner body type I mentioned in last week’s podcast. A super fast metabolic furnace can make it easier to stay lean, but it can also make putting on weight a little more difficult. Sure, you can try tog et ahead of it with lots of sleep and food, but that can require a lot more daily investment in your time and energy.

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Slowing down your metabolic rate may be just the ticket to ensuring your body isn’t burning off your muscle just as fast as you burn it. That slow down can be just the kick you need to finally build the muscle you want.

#2 Accumulated Wisdom And Experience

Building muscle is a game of skill. You can only get so far by punishing your body with harsh workouts and chances are your body will eventually break if no-pain-no-gain sums up your muscle building game plan.

Smart lifters are the ones who not only build more muscle, but they can keep it for most of their life. Unfortunately, you can’t gain the wisdom and experience you need to know what’s best for you. It can only come from years of experience, often from a lot of trial and error. It’s hard to know the deep levels of wisdom you need when you’re in your 20’s simply because you haven’t been in the game long enough.

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This is also why it’s super crucial to play the long-game early on. It’s hard to accumulate 20 years of lifting experience if you’re burned out and beat up after just 5 years of training. It’s also important to stay on track for long periods of time. It’s a lot easier to learn and build your lifting wisdom when you don’t always take time off from training.

#3 Lifestyle Stability

The only constant in life changes, but changes seem to be bigger and come faster when you’re younger. back in college, I was always frustrated how my lifestyle would change every semester with different daily routines and class schedule.

People tend to find a little more stability and structure in their daily life as they “settle down” later in life. This helps to establish more consistency in their daily habits around diet, sleep, training, and recovery. Such daily lifestyle stability can only help you build muscle compared to when you were younger and your body never knew what to expect from one week to the next.

I hope these three observations can remove some of the self-doubts that come from ideas that Father Time doesn’t want you to make gains. If anything, the passage of time can be your ally rather than your adversary in the quest to build muscle.